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0 Google Maps Dragon Quest

1 April 2012 is April Fool's Day! So you think that Google love to do April Fool's prank or not? It's real humour! They launched their “new” 8-Bit Google Maps that is Square Enix's Dragon Quest. They can fool everyone but, they make them fell love on the Google Maps - Dragon Quest too!

You not sure what is Dragon Quest? Please visit the official website, Square Enix's Dragon QuestNever play this game? Last time I love to play old NES since I am kid! My dad bought it for me during my birthday. My sisters and I love old NES so we still keep old NES still be in the our store!

Enjoy to see the youtube below;

How you can see the Google Maps 8-Bit in Dragon Quest?

You can go to http://maps.google.com.my/ and see new "Quest" display mode for Google Maps. You make the "Quest" display be activate on your Google Maps! You can find a local business, directions to the nearest town or how many Slimes are currently in your area. Enjoy to see the streets of the world digitized in 8-bit fashion too!

You love this? Just for fun when you try to play the Google Maps Malaysia! I can see the KLCC and some interesting place which I spotted so lucky! Happy April Fools!

Source by Google Blog
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