Elevate the Surprise with A Cake Explosion Gift Box @ Cake Rush Malaysia!

Cake Rush introduced Malaysia’s first-ever Explosion Cake Box! To help you all have the best memories possible with each other, especially on birthdays and proposal celebrations, they designed this magical explosion for your family. 

Cake Explosion Gift Box (RM129.00)

There are 5 flavors of cake; Rainbow Cake, Chocolate Fudge, Pandan Gula Melaka, Walnut Carrot , and Ferrero Dome.

Go to the official website for more info - link here

And you can select one of 5 Add-Ons to make it more special! Such as 4 or 8 bufferflies or 4 custom pictures or flower showers. Or maybe your boyfriend/ girlfriend loves the sweets explosion!  

This lovely box was delivered last week after I made my order.

I presented my nephew with a pink box after my family and I finished our dinner. Confused he says, "What is it?" When he opens the box by pulling the ribbon with my sister's help, he likes to see what's inside! Butterflies flutter out of the box! Until he realizes that the butterfly is heading out, WOW! He was excited to see the tiny rainbow cake! Watch my video below. 

@selinawing84 Cute! My nephew cannot wait to unlock this Cake Explosion Gift Box.. Suddenly the bufferfiles fly out from this box! A 4" inch rainbow cake looks great! Thank you to Cake Rush ♥️ Check out at #cakerushmy #cakerush #foodmalaysia #cakemalaysia #cakeexplosiongiftbox #birthdaycake #malaysianblogger #kolinfluencer #influencermalaysia @cakerush.official ♬ Happy And Cute - Yevhen Lokhmatov

My nephew loves to play with the Bufferfilles papers!
He asks us to make them fly again! 😍

His main concern is learning how to make a bufferfly. He is curious. We enjoyed this little rainbow cake as it tasted delicious and had just the right amount of sugar. Just sweet cream is on top of the cake.

The size of the cake is 4 inches only. Cake Rush used halal-certified ingredients for their creation of cakes. The Cake Rush's delivery is available for Klang Valley only. You can check out their answers to your questions at

If you'd like to amaze your loved one with this beautiful explosion both say, "WOWW!" 😘😍, you can make an order.  at

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