Visit Selangor Fruit Valley - Tourist Attraction 2022 in Malaysia

Do you want to take your kids on an educational trip during the holidays? I recommend that you and your family learn more about the diverse range of fruits and plants cultivated in Selangor Fruit Valley, Malaysia, and sample some delectable fruits! They also provided a tiny petting zoo with deer park and other animals! 

I traveled to the Selangor Fruit Valley for the first opportunity to discover nature in Rawang after a long period of not visiting the tropical area during the pandemic! My mother told me that this place used to be agro to assist farmers who were interested in founding a fruit or vegetable selling business. Today, they have begun to transform Selangor Fruit Valley into an agritourism tourist attraction, bringing tourists to enjoy, relax, spend time and money for joy and happiness, in addition to visiting agricultural areas and take part in agricultural-related activities such as making salted eggs, picking fruits, loving for pets, catching fish, and more! 

Selangor Fruit Valley has been operating since 2017. Selangor Fruit Valley (SFV) was developed by PKPS, or Perbadanan Kemajuan Selangor, a subsidiary of the Selangor State Government, according to its history. Visitors or farmers can rent a farm to harvest vegetables and fruits and cook them, as well as have breathing space to think, connect with nature, and relieve stress, according to Selangor Fruit Valley. It would be a great idea for them to expand their knowledge through their education teaching.

You and your family can visit Selangor Fruit Valley (SFV) in Rawang during the weekend because it just takes one hour to go there from Kuala Lumpur! When you arrive, you must first pay for your tickets before the tram will carry you and your family to view the beautiful scenery. When we ride to the farm or animal park, the staff also explains what kind of plant is on our left and right sides!


Deer Park is the first stop station, then the staff are giving us free food, and guided us to feed the deers!

We enjoy feeding the tame and gentle deer so fun!


Then, we went to Rabbit park. I saw many rabbits, birds, hamsters, goats and many others!

The goat tried to get close to the rabbits, which was adorable! Is there a rabbit trying to dig a hole to get away?

"What are you doing there?", says a blue bird. They are making a noise when they are flying around!


We never imagined having such much fun picking Lohan Guava! They show us how to identify ripe guavas and how to cut the stem off the top of the fruit using a scissor. It made my mother very joyful, and she was able to quickly locate large juicy guava! 

We enjoyed checking on the guava despite the heat. It was advised that you bring a hat or cap to protect yourself from the sun... We can bring some guavas back to our home! My family really loves to eat this guava! 


I went to the Duck Farm for the first time! 

We've got to figure out how to produce salted duck eggs! A worker gives a demo on how to process eggs... That's why they want everyone to handle the duck eggs so we can use the clay to coat them. Finally, we can use the charcoal paste to cover eggs, which is fantastic! My mum wants to try something new till her hands get black!

These are the salted eggs which we used to eat with the porridge! 


Before proceeding to the main station, we stopped at a rest stop that served fresh coconut water and fruit to eat, including jackfruit (nangka)!

Pandan coconut, guava, pineapple, mangosteen, durian, banana, starfruit, mango, jackfruit (nangka), cempedak, dukong, turnip, rambutan, nangchem, and other fruits are planted in Selangor Fruit Valley. There is a very special fruit,  Nangchem! Nangchem is a combination between jackfruit (nangka) and cempedak, resulting in a fruit that is as giant as nangka, sweet as both, and soft as cempedak. So you MUST TRY the fried Nangchem! I felt this tasty like sweet nangka... 


Finally, my tram dropped my mother and me off at Carambola Pavilion, which was our final stop. There is a cafe, a gift shop, loungers, and the Eco Bridge, all of which are good photo opportunities.

Explore Selangor Fruit Valley's biggest fruit farm with your loved ones, join in interactive learning, and try out the fun outdoor activities. 

At Selangor Fruit Valley, there are always new and exciting things to see and do. Selangor Fruit Valley provides a fun-filled day out for the entire family, as well as an incredible discovery playground for young children.

We also had a great time eating BBQ meat and watching the traditional Malay performance dance. Bumblebee is so popular with the kids! Haha...

Just enjoy the endless outdoor fun activities in a fresh clean air environment when you are away from the busy city, KL!

Ticket price:
Malaysian: RM15.00 -Adult, RM 10.00 - children / senior
OKU/ Disability: RM10 ( Present a OKU card)

Non Malaysian: RM30.00 Adult, RM25.00 - children / senior

Opening hours: 9am - 4 pm, (Closed on Fridays only)

Whatsapp them at 016-6880792/ 012-3432971


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Kitkat Nelfei said…
Interesting place to visit kan! Love to explore places like this, many fun activities too bah! All my fav especially when it comes to animals 🫶🏻 Nak fresh fruits also place to visit here
fareast said…
wow, just know that Selangor Fruit Valley is really interesting. Will at to my visit list.
Sis Lin said…
Best sangat ni dapat makan buah-buahan fresh dari ladang.. tak tau plak banyak aktiviti dalam kebun buah gini yaaa
Sunshine Kelly said…
Wow this is an awesome trip, hopefully i can plan a trip to explore these places.
halimah muhiden said…
I pun dah of sini mmg happening sgt, enjoy discover Selangor Fruit valley
Ruby said…
Murah je tiket masuk sini, nanti lepas raya nak bawa anak-anak ke sini. Ada animal comel. Gorengan pun ada. Best.