Warna Warni Ramadan Buffet 2022 @ Premiere Hotel Klang

The Warna Warni Ramadan Buffet at Premiere Hotel Klang showcases signature dishes like Ikan Bakar and Ayam Pasu, as well as a variety of menus, including Premiere's Special Assorted Milkshakes! They welcome everyone to break fast together with their family and friends in the spirit of Ramadan this year while enjoying a variety of delights!

The Buzz Cafe is located at the Ground floor, Premiere Hotel Klang

Premiere Hotel's main signature dishes are Ayam Bakar Pasu, and Sambal Kicap Jawa. Ayam Pasu (Claypot Chicken is a type of juicy smoked chicken that is marinated overnight in a mixture of spices and slow-roasted for an hour in a makeshift oven using two large clay flower pots (pasu in Malay) using traditional charcoal for an aromatic flavour. The roasting method gives the chicken a very distinct smoky flavour.

Special Baked Red Snapper with Tebrau Sauce, their signable of dish

"Gulai Kawah Pak Long" is my personal favourite. When I ate this beef, it was very excellent!

Special Grilled lamb 

This is the Premiere Special Assorted Milk Shakes and Ice Kacang.
 First time I drink this Coconut Milk Shake ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ‘

Popioh Basah's tasty is different than normal popioh..! MUST try it, ya!

L-R: Serawa Durian dengan roti and Bread Butter Pudding.
You should try the Serawa Durian since the bread may be dipped in the serawa durian,
which is delicious! 

Apam Balik, local malaysian street food! 

Never expect that there is the Popcorn stall! Sure, kids love to eat the popcorn so much!

Satay Chicken and Beef

Chicken and Beef Roti John with condiments 

There is a lot variety of dessert!

Awesome! Malay singers also perform our traditional music, including Chinese tunes...! We waved at them, and they were ecstatic when we clapped and cheered to their Chinese music!

That's great news! From the 16th to the 3rd of April, Premiere Hotel offers a special promo of RM98 nett/pax for early birds. In addition, when you purchase 9 vouchers, you will receive 1 FREE voucher! Every Friday at 8 p.m., there is a weekly lucky draw to win fantastic prizes! During the season, you might get a chance to experience the seasonal King of Fruit, Durian (depending on the seasonal availablity)

Warna Warni Ramadan Buffet 2022

Price: RM 118 nett (Adult) and RM778 nett (Child/ Senior Citizen)
Date: 4 to 30 April 2022
Time: 6.30pm to10.00pm
Location: The Buzz, Level G, Premiere Hotel Klang

Premiere Hotel website:

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Rawlins GLAM said…
Wah. So many choices of good and delicious food there. I might be visiting there with my family members later.
Ohh wow. .. absolutely yummy tasty buffet , I love the food and dessert varieties serving. Ramadan buffet a must have this coming Apr. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing
semuanya nampak sedap dan menarik. suka ada hidangan grill yg mmg menjadi pilihan stp kali ramadan
Sis Lin said…
Waaa this hotel ada buffet ramadan yaa.. biasa kalau ke Klang, memang Sis stay hotel ni.. kot mana tau ada ke sana, boleh cuba..
fareast said…
nice picture, nice menu at Premiere Hotel Klang. Will go there in the future. Thanks for sharing.
Yusuf Ahmad said…
ok doleh masuk dalam list untuk buffet ramadhan nanti.... menu pun nampak macam sedap...
Huda Halid said…
wah macam-macam pilihan menu berbuka di sini. popia basah special tu memang rare , wajib try nanti
Kitkat Nelfei said…
So meriah kan if berbuka puasa here at Premiere Hotel Klang! sesuai with their tema Warna Warni Ramadan Buffet! love the environment and vibes... the foods too! Interesting and different from others...
Aerill Hassan said…
wah memang best buffet ramadan dekat premiere hotel klang. memang terbaik. semua juadah nampak betul2 sedap :)