Juadah Kampungku - Buffet Ramadan 2022 At Dorsett Kuala Lumpur

Dorsett Kuala Lumpur is a 4-star hotel located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, near the most popular tourist attraction, Bukit Bintang, especially just next to Pavilion KL only! To avoid the traffic nightmare, take the MRT or LRT to Bukit Bintang station, which is the closest to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. You can, however, persuade your boss and coworkers to dine on their favourite traditional food before they come home. So, when you all have a strong bond in their relationship, this Ramadan dinner helps you to ease and enjoy eating together since Kuala Lumpur is a highly bustling city, with office workers spending hours in office buildings. 😉

Dorsett Kuala Lumpur created the "Juadah Kampungku" concept to invite everyone to share a joyful time with their families by eating together as a family if they are unable to balik kampung due to job commitments. As a result, they celebrate Ramadan meals with lavish spreads of traditional "kampung" foods such as rendang, ketupet, kuehs, and other delicacies at this hotel!  

When we arrived to level 1, I was amazed to discover the magnificent beauty of the lighting is in front of the Checkers Cafe! Awesome! When we walk by, it appears to be quite luxurious!

Better to take this chance to have the finest Ramadan buffet dinner with your family in Kuala Lumpur for "buka puasa" now after 2 years of pandemics and movement restrictions! 

You'll find delicious Malaysian cuisines from across all 14 states, featuring Sarawak's Umai Obor-Obor, Melaka's Ikan Asam Pedas, Negeri Sembilan's Masak Lemak Siput Sedut Bersama Belimbing Buluh, Kedah's Daging Gulai Kawah, and many more.

Masak Lemak Siput Sedut (Balitung) with Belimbing Buluh

My mother's favorite seafood is Masak Lemak Siput Sedut (Balitung) with Belimbing Buluh! I have no idea how to get the snail to suck out of myself. My mother told me that she used to eat it a lot when my grandmother prepared it for her when she was a kid, but she can't remember how to eat a snail now after she's married! Her friend comes to explain these things to my mum. She said that you have to suck some of the soup, so it's a trick for those who try it. This is my first time sucking the snails! 😂

Serawa Durian Pulut and Santan is also a local favourite and seasonal as it follows the durian season. This time, we are lucky as durian season is around the same time too. Another must-eat for many locals including yours truly who love sweet, fragrant desserts. 

Dessert Station

Not only is Ramadan a time for reflection and fasting, but it is also a time of celebration and feasting. The presentation is gorgeous and I love that it is a time of generosity and all are welcome, such as they did chat chit with us so nicely. 

I believe Malaysians of all races will get together to join the breaking fast during Iftar to share happy memories and rekindle friendships. 💕

Magnificent Buffet Dinner Spread and Delightful Ramadan Indulgence
A dining experience presented by Dorsett Hotels in Malaysia

Checkers Cafe
(Level 1)
Date: 8th to 28th April 2022

RM108 nett (Adults),
RM88 nett (Senior Citizens from 60 and above)
RM78 nett (Children between the ages of 4-11).

For reservation or further info,
please call or WhatsApp: +6012 674 3509 or +6012 628 0551.

Online purchase for Ramadan and buffet dinner vouchers as well as gift sets at:


Before I leave, I must capture this lovely Instagram snapshot because it is very attractive!

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Rawlins GLAM said…
Wow. The price is quite affordable and there are so many choices too. I might go there this week.
Min said…
Wow! so many delicious meals and foods for Ramadan buka puasa buffet. Also got my favourite masak lemak dish. Price also reasonable.
iena eliena said…
Menarik menu menu buffet ramadhan dekat Dorset Kuala Lumpur. Masak Lemak Siput Sedut dengan Belimbing Buluh tu nampak menggoda sangat :)
fafa (n_n) said…
Wowww banyak menu menarik lahhh memang style kampung. Lagi lah buat rasa nak bertambah nasi hehehe
semua juadah makanan kat sini sedap2... i tengok pun rasa feruja dan nak rasa juga semua masakan di situ
Marina Bashah said…
waaaa. ada lemang dah ketupat. lauk dia pun nampak sedap tu
Sis Lin said…
Di saat minggu akhir ni, kalau no idea boleh pergi ni, harga dia okay snagat tuuu
halimah muhiden said…
Masak lemak siput sedap tu, menu2 semua menarik tapi mmg pening nak. Mkn mana dulu
Ruby said…
Dorset KL memang best. Tinggal nak makan je. Berbuka puasa kat sini suasana tenang kan. Suka susunan hidangan mereka.
Huda Halid said…
Buffet ramadan dorsett KL memang sedap , dah makan sana hari tu. pilihan pun banyak semua sedap-sedap, memang berbaloi dengan harga
Kitkat Nelfei said…
So meriah ya the buffet spread at Dorsett Kuala Lumpur, never try here before.. Gonna plan for next buffet la..
Wahh, how did I missed the serawa durian last time I was here.?
Rolling Grace said…
This place seriously serves up an amazing and beautiful ramadan spread! totally loving the comfortable setting and amazing vibes too it's perfect for families!
Tini Alif said…
Juadah di Dorsett KL memang tak pernah mengecewakan. Dah la hiasan semuanya tip-tiop. Makanan pula sedap ya amat. Pilihan pun banyak. Tengok gambar yang Selina upload pun dah rasa terliur dah.