Bacon And Balls @ OUG, KL

In OUG, there's a hidden gem called Bacon & Balls. But we can say this place is located in Taman Bukit Indah or refer to the nearby Sri Petaling. It is easier for you to look for the Bacon And Balls when you use the WAZE app. For those who enjoy bacon and pork ribs, I observed the tagline; "Premium cuts for Quality Meat".

Mr. Jimmy, as owner and chef pours his heart and soul into each meal and only uses natural ingredients. I must try the premium meat dishes at Bacon and Balls for the first time, but they're the best value for money. I simply know that Bacon and Balls is the aspect of Modern European Restaurant that offers the finest in western cuisine!

Highly recommended - Signature Meatball Platter (RM32.90) 👍👍💥

Meat Balls are made of lamb, beef, chicken, and pork. Mandarin oranges and green apple slices were served alongside. My senses are definitely tickled. With the signature homemade Chef's special sauce and cabbage braised in red wine, the meatball extravaganza left everyone like it so much! Aromatic herbs and natural spices are expertly mixed into this cuisine.

💕 Pork Lasagne (RM30.90)

Chef's handmade pork bolognaise, three types of Italian cheese, and bechamel sauce are stacked in this famous signature dish. It's like the secret of how to mix premium minced meat and cheese for me. It's not too thick, therefore it's quite nice!

Porky Chop (RM30.90)

Many customers suggested the Pork Chop, a must-try dish featuring juicy marinated pork chops grilled to perfection! It's served with garlic mashed potatoes, handmade apple chutney, red cabbage braised in red wine, and a white wine sauce created by the chef. It's no surprise that wine enthusiasts adore it!

Fiery Chicken Chop (RM33.90)

Bacon and Balls's chef will use paprika and coriander powder, star anise, and garlic mash potato alongside the cabbage braised in red wine and handmade Apricot Chutney to give this grilled chicken chop a beautiful soft combustion in your tongue!

Bacon And Balls
56, Jalan Lazat 2,
Taman Bukit Indah,
58200 Kuala Lumpur,
Kuala Lumpur

Business hours: 9am - 3pm, 6-8pm daily


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