The Devil Judge - K-Drama Review

Are you tired of K-dramas' romantic plots? I strongly advise you to see the most popular great drama, "The Devil Judge"! This show aired on Netflix in January of this year, with a total of 16 episodes.

The Devil Judge receives a big success in terms of audience ratings! I never expected them to provide justice and battle the corruption of the wealthy and powerful in South Korea. Kang Yo Han is a strong man who stands up to big politicians and businessmen every time they try to knock him down. He did, however, have a traumatic and unpleasant childhood experience. If he wants to discover the truth, he joins the game and win! And Judge Kim Ga On is completely innocent and administers justice in a moral and righteous method.

Why? The criminal can avoid going to jail by paying the fines under the law of the system. That is why lawyers and politicians may accept bribes money from wealthy criminals. As a result, Kang Yo Han has to become a sinner or a demon if he is to make the offenders pay for their crimes! It reminds me of Bao Zheng, who despised corruption and yearned for justice! Humans still have "good" and "evil" actions, depending on how they grew up in their living circumstances.

I watched that series till the "bad guys" got their karma in the end and lost. But it breaks my heart when the "good people" are stabbed by their partners or friends in whom they have placed their faith, leading them to do idiotic things like kill, stab back, and make them suffer...! That is why this drama educates you to not injure innocent people and just let it go.

The Devil Judge is a dystopian thriller that shows a world torn with chaos and corruption. In this drama, the government and politicians can control the game they played and sow the seed of "belief" in the people. If they receive the most votes from the general public, they will have an easier time advancing to their position. That is why Kang Yo Han decided to participate in this type of game in order to let the public watch their live TV of a reality show.

I love how app voting participants are so cool! It's incredibly nice to see him exact revenge on the bad guys! It has a perfect finale episode, which I like! I can't wait and see what happens in Season 2!

Review: 5/5 

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