Greenbugsfarm, Hydroponic Farming Malaysia @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

I shocked when I informed by my good friend, Rainfall about the Greenbugsfarm's giveaway tagged my name! I never expect to win same prize with her too! I received a direct message by Greenbugsfarm at same time, my friend congratulated me because I won 2 fresh lettuce plants + 20% discount voucher from Greenbugsfarm!

My friend and I planned to visit the Greenbugsfarm together. I checked out that Greenbugsfarm is located at SS2, Petaling Jaya. I noticed that my Waze and Google Map do not show "Greenbugsfarm". Then, I knew this shop is new, and just started to operate on last year. When we reached this place, I realized that Greenbugsfarm shop at floor 1, below the Xing Fu Tang, bubble drink shop at SS2 area.

When I heard about Greenbugsfarm do the indoor hydroponics farming...Means "growing plants without soil is known as hydroponics". The fresh vegetables are grown up in the clean indoor farm, in ensuring the quality of the water; hygiene management; and pest control. So, we no need to worry about the bad weather or insect invasions. 

They told me that you can do DIY hydroponic farming like this! 

When they are operating a hydroponic farming system, they no need the chemical weed or pest control products and also no disease on the vegetables so you have free-worry of eating a very freshest of vegetables like young kale, lettuces, basil and others. They can keep to control how the vegetables can be fresh and it lasts longer within the provided the right of  amount of light, air and nutrients... That is why I noticed Greenbugsfarm are setting up  the the air-conditioning, fans, temps and LED lighting are essential to create a controlled environment so better make the vegetables grow so faster, healthier.

I just know that the indoor farmers can used the LED lights that generate more light and less heat, so means you can keep your young plants closer to the lamps to give them high light levels, without worrying about burning them. I also surprised that Greenbugsfarm are using the coco peat, the fibre fraction from coconut husk as the medium for their plants! 

Normally, the hydroponic growing systems are usually closed systems, with plants being grown entirely in greenhouses, which are popular in UK, USA, and Europe! That is why this hydroponics is a technique of growing plants without soil and without the limitations of space and climate, that which used by the indoor farmers. 

This is very fresh of "Young Kale". 
I asked to eat it as I can! This is my taste of kale so great!

When I told my mom about Greenbugsfarm, so she interested to buy the fresh vegetables from there, we are close to check out on their farm. He asked us to try to eat a fresh "Young Kale", after he picked out from this farm! So good taste after I ate it!

They said some restaurants prefer to pick the small lettuces because the chefs like to make the beautiful lettuces as decoration on the plate. 

I took out my lettuces from the paper bag, then I place 2 lettuces into each of the plastic container, lastly I put it in the fridge. They adviced us to put some water on the roots so this can make the vegetables can be last longer, and looks as fresh. Remember, you make sure to wet this roots after you get delivery, in the case you notice that the roots are dry!

What to do with the roots after you eat all lettuces? You don't have to throw it in the rubbish. Just plant it in your flower pot or leave it into the your garden. 

If you interested to buy the fresh vegetables from Greenbugs farm, they can deliver to your doorstep within 1-3 days from the date of your purchase. Deliveries are made on Mondays - Fridays: 11am - 7pm and Saturdays: 11am - 2pm excluding Sundays & public holidays. They only do delivery in Klang Valley. Please check out at 


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