Score Marathon 2020 @ Night Run in Putrajaya, Malaysia

Start your marathon in 2020 year as your goal to improve your health! It still not late when you become older, so you can spend time with your family to join your first-time marathon, that help you to improve your "heart" of health or increase your ability of running, and strengthen your muscle of legs! Why not start to join the Score Marathon 2020? JOM, JOIN US! I keep to join the marathon as I want to manage my health of lifestyle! I always want to lose my weight! 💖😉

 Score Marathon: "Night Run" @ Dataran Putrajaya on 18 July 2020, Saturday. 

Score Marathon 2020 will located at Dataran Putrajaya and opened the 4 categories; 5km, 10km, 21km (Half Marathon), and 42km (Full Marathon). Score Marathon Malaysia always encourage you all can inspire each other and conquer together while every runner will feel the adrenaline rush and excitement running in a city filled with beautiful landscapes and iconic landmarks. SCORE Marathon is perfect for beginners but also promising for experienced runners out to set their new personal best! So, the Score's motto are "Inspire Together , Conquer Together"!
You can check the list of categories with price...You better to get the special name on T-shirt promotion, which offered from 5 Feb till 18 March 2020, don't miss it out, ya!
See a very cool Score T-shirts with different colour; 5km & 10km (orange), 21km (grey) and 42km (black) below;

JOIN US! Please invite your friends! 

For more info, please head to their official website and social media below;

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My friends and I really enjoyed the Score Marathon 2018 and 2019, and invited to witness the Brand Ambassador Score Marathon event - click link here.

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