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Do cats drink milk? YES! I recommended the Parie Goat Milk when your adopted kitten to drink the healthy milk. Last time, we have difficult time to look for the milk since my sister and I adopted a kitty from my mom's friend. Today, Malaysia finally have the new brand, Parie Goat Milk, which you never heard it, maybe. It is imported from Netherlands, and accepted by the Veterinary clinics & pet stores in Malaysia.

They can deliver the package to your office or home as no problem! I found out that they wrote a "thank you" message to me while I opened this package. 😍

OMG. Miu Miu loves to sit in this package box! She is very cute. 💕

All we know that the cow milk is not good for cats and kitten, but yes, cats like milk. Is goats milk safe for cats? They can drink the goat milk. Parie's goat milk carries similarities as breastfeeding as it is tolerated for being less allergic to cats. The properties of goat milk which comprises smaller fat molecules, looser curbs formation and higher concentration of small chain acids will enhance cat's digestion.

Well, I need to use 2 x 40 ml for Miu Miu because she become adult already.

There are 3 methods to feed your cat.

Day 1 -  I did give the goat milk for Miu Miu, to drink...

First time, Miu Miu smell the goat milk from her bowl....She still drink this milk so slowly, take her time...

Day 2 - I prepared the wet food with goat milk powder. I see if she can eat it or not.

I did pour the ready milk into bowl to mix wet food. Sometimes, she lick the milk so okay. But, this method is for the kitten's early growing stage only.

Day 3 - I tried to sprinkle milk powder into the bowl of cat food, in order to increase my cat's appetite with the milk. I mix both together, then give this bowl to my cat. My cat love to eat it as well! Until my cat stomach to become full.

You can observe your cat's great improvement with Parie Goat Milk when your cat is first-time to drink the Parie Goat Milk. It take some time to practice my cat, Miu Miu to drink the goat milk because my cat can smell a strong milk!

"Meowww, I am very full", says Miu Miu

Why Parie Goat Milk? They help to develop and maintain healthy skin and silky coat in long run, make cats grow healthy & happily!

Benefits of drinking Parie Goat Milk
- It also give the stronger bones & proper growth.
- Improve Brain Development & Learning Abilities.
- Strengthen Immune System
- Healthy Skin and Silky Coat
- Enchance Clearer Vision
- Better Digestion

Parie Goat Milk Malaysia also be available in the Shopee at

How to make an order? There are three methods of ordering PARIE Goat Milk Powder for Kittens and Cats below;

a) PM via the Facebook page (
b) Order from 013-4288626 (
c) Order from Shopee ( or

For more information, please check for more info at Facebook -

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