Lérz Tea & Coffee At The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown in Malaysia

Feeling thirsty after shopping in the Starling mall?  Lazy to walk around the uptown shops at outside the Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown? Or don't like to walk under the hot weather? Why not try a new "Lerz Tea &Coffee Malaysia" shop which are located at level 3, open from 12pm till 10pm daily. Just relax and enjoy to drink the tea and coffee in an air-cond of indoor seats at the "Lerz Tea &Coffee Malaysia" shop! Please check for more info at

I suggested that you try the popular milk tea because it is not very sweet, but more milk so delicious~! You can check out on the menu photo below;

First time, I heard about Lerz Tea &Coffee Malaysia....? Lerz is just a name, but it more like chatspeak as LOL when you are laughing! Imagine that you enjoy to drink and say, "Lerz!" in the mood of laugh when you are joking with your friends.

When you are ordering from this shop, they provided the choices of ice / sugar option. Normally, the customers always concerns about the health, especially the diabetes.... That is why Lerz offered three types of drink; the Fruit Tea, Macchiato and Milky only.

L-R: Wintermelon and Passion Fruit Macchiato 👍👍👍

L-R: Peach, Lychee, and Plum Tea 💓

L-R: Hazelnut, Hojicha and  Matcha Green Tea  👍💗
( I recommended the Milky drink because I love it very much!)

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Hot Short said…
This is the worse experience with this bubble tea outfit as they simply ruined my daughter's birthday party and disappointed 16 after inchildren this at The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown.

The staff took my order with confirmation with his superior with an understanding that they can deliver 16 cups bubble tea within an hour. When I returned an hour later, 12:30pm to be exact, I was told, in tactlessly manner, that they are occupied for their guests in a private event. No time for my order.
Thought, it is just so reasonable with his tasteless excuse, I believe Lerz' is just equally... Tasteless.
Unknown said…
Nice... gonna try it
Selina Wing said…
Sorry to hear this happened to you, Hot Short. You try put the review at the Lerz's Facebook Page. :)