The Bassment Cafe @ Section 4, Petaling Jaya, Selangor in Malaysia

The Bassment Cafe launched on last December 5, 2018 and my Deaf community did talked about there are a Deaf twin brothers; Michael & Jason Lim who started this new cafe with their youngest brother, Oscar Lim. Their parent who are supportive, and give a chance for them to continue to grow and learn that what they need to do everything when they managed their cafe together. Their challenge of managing a cafe is not easy for them, especially they are disability people and have to face the barrier of communication between the hearing and Deaf people. Thanks to their youngest brother, he helped them for the communication issues. They are very hardworking guys and make sure every customers love to eat a very delicious food in their cafe. Sometimes, this cafe become the Deaf-hangout group because Deaf friends also come to visit them on the weekend or weekday after work only.

My mom, friends and I invited by my Deaf friend, Michael Lim who managed "The Bassment" Cafe for the food review. I am grateful with him for his friendly service. He always give a smile when he give his best service to make us feel be comfortable...We really are satisfied with the special dishes which provided by Jason Lim and his team in the kitchen. It's good for them to try different idea to create new & unique food! My friends are surprised to see the Deaf people can manage a cafe as the good inspiration for everyone who get the Deaf awareness about "Deaf can do!" 😄

The Bassment's cafe environment looks comfortable and clean. Their colour are very matched each other like orange, light & dark brown and green, that make the customers happy, boost their appetite, and increase of feeling relax under the low-lighting. I liked it. 👍

You can do your work during the lunch break when you enjoy to drink coffee!

They also offered the LUNCH promotion from Tuesday till Friday, 12pm - 3pm only.
Today, they give a limited time - special promotion for
a WHOLE Roasted Chicken. Buy ONE, Free ONE! 💥
Wow! Call your group of 4- 6 pax to join you to eat this! 😜
You go to this counter by yourself when you want to make an order.

For tea-time break, you can try their best dessert - a slice of cake. 

You can choose which is one you like; Peanut Torte, Hazelnut Torte or Green Tea Torte

About The Bassment cafe:

"There are many people who dream of standing on their own stage and singing with their hearts. The Bassment creates a small stage in the basement, hoping to fulfill their dreams of music and complete their little dreams here, rekindling their enthusiasm for music. In addition, The Bassment hopes to be a small place for many people to leave a common story and memories..."

They told me about there is an underground floor, then they bring us to explore this area at downstairs! They did renovation to make this space become bigger more before their launch cafe. Why? It is easy to do a big party for 100-200 people can eat the buffet when the customers celebrate the private birthday or family gathering, proposal wedding, and anything can!

The Bassment cafe also offer the beer promotion for the beer lovers only. If your group love to drink the beer or wine at same time you enjoy to listen the band music, please make the booking with them at The Bassment facebook -

Before the customers leave this cafe, they always capture the photos with the loyalty of customers, which they treated as good friends, so this is best memories for them!
From Left to Right - Matcha Milkshake Blender, 6 Soda Fruit; Super Beries, Strawberry, Pamelon Grapefruit, Peach Garden, Lychee, Mojito, and Chocolate Milkshake Blender.
And "Big Portion" platter.

First, they served us a "Big Portion" platter. I surprised this platter looks very delicious, make us want to take the whole roasted chicken with our bare hands! But, my mom asked me to cut the roasted chicken with a knife, more easier. Hehe.

Big Portion (4-5 pax)
Consist of: mushroom soup, tempura prawn, squid ring, salad, mashed potatoes, fish and chips, whole roasted chicken, mushroom aglio-olio, grilled chicken chop, sausage and refillable tea.

Grill Lamb Rack 👍👍
with the special sauce (mint). I liked this sauce so very much!
Black Pepper Chicken Chop 👍
I bite this chicken so very soft. So strong pepper! Not bad! 

Classic Tomato Pasta 👌😘
It is very good taste when I ate it! :) 

Flower in the mud (Onion Fried) 💘👍👍👍 MUST TRY
Wow, they surprised me so, this make me fell love with the Flower in the Mud!
Next time, my friends and I sure will want this again if we eat the snack!

Mushroom Bruschetta 😍

Tomato Bruschetta 😄👍

Mushroom Soup 💗

Oh ya, if you want to get a FREE scoop of ice cream? 💟
Don't forget to click "Like" on their facebook and just drop your short review there only.
Please show it to them, then they give one free to you, ya!

Thank you to The Bassment Cafe for the food review!
Next time, I will bring my friends come to visit again! 💖
You ask me if this is halal cafe?
Yes, but they still are in the progress to get the halal certificate.
No worries because NO PORK*
Waze: "The Bassment PJ"
Or check the address on the google map below;
35, Jalan SS4C/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang, SS4,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Follow the updates on facebook:
Instagram: @thebassmentpj

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