Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet At IOI City Mall Putrajaya, Malaysia

Decide to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet? If you are steamboat and buffet BBQ lover, I recommended a very BEST all-you-can eat buffet restaurant - Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet restaurant for your family and group of friends!! Pak John Steamboat & BBQ is the halal steamboat & BBQ restaurant that all you can eat as much as you like! Their restaurant are located at the ground level in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

My friend and I noticed that we look for he Symphony Walk because it lead you go to the water fountain and gardens outside the IOI City Mall. There are some dining restaurants around this area of waterfront, as you will see a beautiful view when you sit at open area into the restaurant. That is why Pak John Steamboat & BBQ want to give the unique experience for the food lovers to enjoy the delicious dinner at same time, they can view the water with colorful lights at night time if you want to spot the beautiful of romantic view!

But, we went there, for lunch time only. If you felt hot weather during the afternoon, you all can sit inside the air-cond area of dining area. Their environment of restaurant are very clean. They give a comfortable of feeling for a happy family when they sit around the long table in big space! So nice. They also serve us so very friendly. If anything want to change or refill soup, the staffs come in faster when we call them! We no need to worry when we can refill again on many times.

There are more than 160+ choices, like BBQ seafood, variety of vegetables, dessert, noodles, dimsum, and many! And you can choose one of your favorite of sauces such as thai chili, spicy, sweet, mayo, and many...

And they also have noodles section there. especially the special ramen and udon! If you are very hungry, you can take more fried rice, mee, soup, chicken, wedges, nuggets, fish balls, and many!

They serve variety kind of meat slices, such as Abalone, Smoked duck slices, New Zealand lamb, Aussie beef slices. I never expect that they have smoked duck slices are my favorite meal! We excited to eat more duck slices so delicious!

Wow, they also served the favorite's people, Waffle too! I really love the waffle so much since I was kid. I like chocolate and peanut for my waffle, so yummy! No enough? We can eat more waffle again again. You also can put a scoop of ice cream on the top of waffle!

We enjoyed to grill the chicken, beef and duck slices. Haha.
We cannot stop to eat more! Yummy!

Feel free to get the premium meat slices on many times, ya! Keep to eat until your stomach become full, and enjoy to chat-chit with your friends as much! Because there are two slots; lunch time from 11am till 5pm and dinner time; 5pm till 10pm only for weekday and weekend. No problem!

Eat slowly. Just enjoy yourself!
 The Pak John's steamboat and BBQ buffet isn't going anywhere. :)

We felt great as the steamboat & BBQ lovers who like to eat a lots of variety with the affordable price! You know the kids sure love the buffet as much. That is why a family always go for the steamboat & BBQ buffet so easier! 

My friend and I really be thankful to Tammy, founder of The Butterfly Project Malaysia and Pak John Steamboat BBQ. We have a fun time with blogger friends in this restaurant on our first-time! This is great place to enjoy delicious food, go on a lunch & dinner date, and friendly for all ages. Not bad! Next time, I will bring my family come to the Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet again!

Pak John Steamboat & BBQ Buffet 
GE-11, Ground Floor, IOI City Mall,
Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City,
62502 Putrajaya, Sepang,
Selangor, Malaysia.

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