Kleenex Ultrasoft Bath Tissue Is The Best Choice To Use In Your Bathroom

We frequently use tissue paper on daily basis, especially if we need to go the bathroom. We want to stay clean as our family hygiene is important hence, we try to find the perfect fit for our usage. Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue with its 3-ply thick sheets, is soft and feels gentle when we use it. There are 3 signs of clean where each tissue with its cotton and Charcoal extract, ensures superior cleaning with luxurious softness of touch and absorbs odour, while the CleanWeave* technology removes dirt easily!

Its good quality of cushiony softness, makes it feel really good to touch and suitable for sensitive skin.

I recommend the Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues when you have a flu. My family used the Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath Tissue as it has a nice scent and easy to use. . You'll love how strong the paper is when exposed to water, it does not tear easily. It is so soft that I use it whenever I have a cold. . It also leaves you feeling fresh and clean. . My grandma also loves it and she uses it after washing her hands. I also placed one or two rolls in the kitchen cabinet and on the dining table for easy access. My mother loves to use it to wipe dust.

See for yourself why Kleenex Ultra Soft is a great long-lasting choice for you and your family.

• Kleenex’s softest 3-ply toilet paper ever made.
• Softness of comfort cushions make you feel loved.
• More absorbent with the designed texture of CleanWeave technology.
• Safe to use and absorbs well.
• Remain Strong when it's wet or dry.
• Absorbs odor with the Charcoal extract to keep you fresh and clean.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Bath tissue is one of the best choice that is great for use in your home and versatile in cleaning out all the dirt.

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