Marco Creative Cuisine Fine Dining Restaurant @ 1 Utama Shopping Mall Malaysia

Awesome! Marco Creative Cuisine, a modern gastronomy restaurant offers you a very super affordable price, RM78 for 7 course meals only at the modern dining restaurant, which located on the ground floor of 1 Utama's Old Wing. I impressed with everything are in white and gold, with the luxurious feeling in the environment of Marco Creative Cuisine restaurant. It is suitable for the couple who prefer the romantic of fine dining in the private.

When you are in the Marco Creative Cuisine, you will start to experience new culinary experience - The Journey of Flavours with 7 creative course meal: a palate cleanser, soup, appetizer, entree, main course, dessert and coffee/tea only. So, this memorable dining begins in the menu, let you to dine when you are ready and with whomever you choose. Its' RM78+ per person.

I excited to taste the flavour of my dishes, which to be visually bright, full of colours and stimulating my eyes of fine dining experience. I given the menu option about 3-6 only. When I saw the interesting names of dishes, make me feel want all! 😍

Palate Cleanser | Velvety matcha-Lime Shooter

Surprisingly, I tasted the Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter, a velvety Matcha-Lime foam, covering a chilled Lime Show, mix the sour and sweet inside the freshness dish, looks like a soup cup only. It is good start to make you feel be different. 😜

Appetiser | Savoury Eclair

First time, I viewed the art on the pastry choux - Gruyere Flavoured Pate a Choux decorated with Aubergine Caviar. Green Chile Pesto and Tomato Confit. When I eat it in my mouth, I felt like the sour mayo with green pesto? The choux is hard abit.

Soup |  French Onion Soup

I also be love in the French Onion Soup! Wow! It is very yummy so delicious! It also have sweetness thick of soup...with salty abit, with accompanied by French Toast. I can dip my toast inside this soup so very great! It is high recommended soup, that is why it become my favorite already! Funny, my friends want to take mine! 💘

Entree | Garden Plater

It delivered a very fresh mixed greens planted on top of Edible Soil and Gribiche Sauce (French Tarter Sauce). This is healthy entree, so good to feel a lots of green with oliver oil, sour sauce and sweet hidden of chocolate sands... It's good idea to encourage everyone need to eat vegetables, right?

Main Course | Duck Breast with Orange Puree and Roasted Beetroot

It have sous vide pan seeared Pekin duck breast with Orange Puree, Roasted Beetroot and Valrhona Dark Chocolate. This inspired dish make me feel want the duck meat again! My taste also explored the sour, bitter and sweet chocolate come into one, so very awesome! 💕 If you are duck meat lover, you should choose it!

Dessert | Creme Brulee with White Chocolate Sherbet

In creme brulee, it have lush egg custard...I thought it is normal for a creme brulee cup only. Be honest, I shocked that they also add the ice cream with chocolate sand...then the bites of kiss cream with passion red gel beside a creme brulee cup, so very sweet! 😘

They offers 3 type of drinks; Loose Leaves Tea, Sparking Iced Berry and Single Origin French Press Coffee only

My result come out with every dish also have special taste of bitter, sour, and sweet to explore in the Journey of Flavours, where we enjoyed the tasting of cuisine in Marco Creative Cuisine! 😍

Their restaurant also have its own history from Miam Miam, to Franco, then evolve to Marco Creative Cuisine with the newest concepts to bring the customers to absorb into the Marco's legendary journey! That is why Chef Darren, who is Malaysian chef-owner put his favorite name, Marco Polo, legendary traveler & explorer for his son and his new restaurant too. That is why Marco also inspired everyone with their skilled of culinary menu like to discover the journey of eating in the life! As you know, Chef Darren's restaurants used to be known for both its delicious food and long-queues in the featured of TV, magazines and major local newspapers.

The jellyfish's aquarium is very attractive with the colorful lighting effect, that make my friends and I stare at the jellyfish too much. We wondered if it is real jellyfish or not?

Marco Creative Cuisine love to take the customer experience to a whole new level, with the dining experience with a sense of excitement and a touch of adventure. You can found the spirits of the chef's passionate and mind to express the presentation of creation dish with their artistic menu. Great! When you drop at 1 Utama, you must to try The Journey of Flavours - 7-multi course @ rm78+ per person only 💟 because it's very great worth experience of fine dining during lunch or dinner - you never forget!

Their seating can up to 62 pax only, that is why the reservation is recommended, especially for the night dinner. I also heard that they also can provided the tea-time service too. The operating hours from 12 noon till 10pm on daily; Monday to Sunday. They have three services;  12 noon - 3pm (lunch service), 3pm - 6pm (Coffee & Desserts service), and 6pm - 10pm (dinner service).

Marco Creative Cuisine
Lot G146, Ground Floor (Old Wing)
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Make reservation call at +60 3-7731 8923
or email them at

Follow their social media below;

Thank you, Marco Creative Cuisine and Tommy Tong!

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Unknown said…
I can imagine relaxing in this place with sparkling Iced Berry while chatting with friends
Fatin Bella said…
the restaurant looks cozy. The food looks good too!
Wow, an affordable fine dining cuisine indeed! I must try to dine there in future.
Miera Nadhirah said…
I cannot have enough of the creme brulee and french onion soup... help... hahahah
Betty's Journey said…
I saw their menu when I walked pass their restaurant. To me their portion a bit small.
Oh i will add this restaurant to my list. Foods looks delicious and hard to resists.
Cest la Jez said…
Good environment, cozy and beautiful jellyfish!! Food look super good also!