Sunway Lagoon: 2 Is Better Than 1 - Best Experience of Extreme Bungee Jumping and G-Force X Duo!

Sunway Lagoon is bringing an adrenaline rush to all visitors from 10th to 28th February 2017 in their exciting "2 Is Better Than 1" campaign, to encourage every couple to challenge the Bungee Jumping and G-Force X Duo by themselves when they happy to celebrate the "most romantic day of February"! Sunway Lagoon invites the public, or family or couple Valentine 💘 to face their fear of heights together!

WOW! GREAT! RM240 for 2 persons only!
With this package, you will get benetifs below;
  • RM40 Food and Beverage voucher
  • Digital 6” x 6” mini square soft cover photobook voucher worth RM79 (applicable for online purchase only).
  • Multiple entry to ALL parks, including all rides, activities and attractions. (Not applicable for pay-per-ride activities: Bungy Jump, G-Force X and Go Kart)
Once you entitled with 2 is BETTER than 1 package, you will get a special price for a very challenging extreme games: BUNGY DUO and G-FORCE X DUO!

  1. Bungy Duo (in tandem): RM130 for Malaysians, RM230 for non-Malaysians (Normal price: RM160 for Malaysians, RM276 for non-Malaysians)
  2.  G-Force X Duo: RM50 for Malaysians, RM100 for non-Malaysians (Normal price: RM64 for Malaysians, RM128 for non-Malaysians) 
  3. Combo Bungy + G-Force X Duo: RM170 for Malaysians, RM280 for non-Malaysians (Normal price: RM202 for Malaysians, RM320 for non-Malaysians)
The package includes:
  • Free body art tattoo for 2 pax (for every full set of couple hands at Waxhand),
  • Buy 1 Free 1 KitKat cup, 
  • [Save up to RM 2] RM 11.50 for a regular NY Chicken + Orange Juice + Mash Potato at 1901
  • [Save up to RM3] For 2 Strawberry Smoothie & 1 Mix Popiah at Sisters Crispy Popiah
  • [Save up to RM2.60] For 2 Smoothies & 5 pieces of Springroll at Sisters Crispy Popiah
Here, I share my experience with you all... 😉 My good friend, Woan Koon and I managed to meet a friendly intern, Chelsey at the main entrance of Sunway Lagoon. She guided us to walk around the Sunway Lagoon, and I noticed that this place get to be improved so much, expand to more bigger! Sunway Lagoon always do more awesome events which make you enjoy to experience what you never forget once in your memories life on every year! Curious? You can read my old posts - three events which my family and I went before; Night of Fright 3, LumiAir Crique Sensation, and Treasure Walk with Launch of Wildlife Park; White Lions.

When we reach the pit stop of extreme challenge, my group bloggers went to check on the Bungy Duo earlier because we are last group, included two bloggers who try the G-Force X Duo. My good friend, Woan Koon who scared at first, but she love to try new experience on her first time!

I recommended that you both to buy "2 is better than 1" package, then you can get half price of combo Bungy Duo + G-Force X Duo (RM170) or G-Force X Duo (RM50) or Bungy Duo (RM130), this package help to make you both save money.

We be READY for the G-Force X Duo! We are anxious when we sit down inside... They advised us to take off the glasses and shoes first because they worry these will fall down! 


At lastly, Sunway Lagoon here to give you both the most amazing experience of your life - dare to jump from a very higher place via crazy adrenalin activity, bungee jumping! It make your heart beat so very much? No worries, the expert staffs always make sure that you both are safe with their professional service! I saw a couple are hugging each other when they stand near the falling... His girlfriend are scared to jump down, at same time he keep to encourage her to be brave, ya.

After this, we felt excited so very much! I want again! again! You both MUST try both! Long time, Woan Koon and I don't swim so we missed it so much! We got RM40 food vouchers from the "2 is better 1" package so better! I surprised about there are more food stalls & fast food restaurants, especially Starbucks Coffee there! Cool!

We explored around the natural world at Wildlife Park to look for a Lion King and his partner! There are many 150 species in the forests which we visited until, I found them, so cute! See my photo below;

Who want to face the horror of zombies and ghosts in the Scream Park? I saw the "Ghostbusters" entrance are half weird. My mom and sister told me that they always scream at you when you pass through the gate of zombies!! 😱 No worries, they won't touch you but they are closer to you! Aaah! If you go to Sunway Lagoon at night, you will be frightened so much if you try the darkness of Scream Park!

You can see a map of Sunway Lagoon below;

You better to grab this awesome chance to bring your partner, friend, or relative is sure to create fond memories for your day out together at Sunway Lagoon this month of February! I'm sure that you both will be crazy more when you enjoy all Water park, Scream Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon, Extreme Park, especially Bungy Duo and G-Force X Duo! Jom, visit Sunway Lagoon this February and achieve your #relationshipgoals like never before!

For more information, please call Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 0000, visit or connect to
BUY ONLINE NOW before 28 Feb 2017!

Do you hate the long queue? Ignore the lines! Be MONSTER, ya. 😝
Better to take your Quack Express with RM70 only or RM40 for Thursday only, 
check out for more information at

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Miera Nadhirah said…
so exciting... sunway lagoon always have something exciting and thrilling to offer... so sad I missed out on it
Anonymous said…
Wow sunway lagoon improved a lot since my last visit when i was a kid. Should try when i go back malaysia (purchase for my bf msia tix then cheaper also haha)
Shirleyfishy said…
Bungee jump!!! This is what I wanna try 😂 hehehe
Mermaid said…
Omg. I 'm so excited to try all of the activity. Nice promotion too.
Sunshine Kelly said…
Wow this so exciting, personally I would not dare to try the bungee jump coz I am afraid of height.
It´s sooo big! It should have been an amazing experience! Lovely photos ◡‿◡✿

Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥
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Selina Wing said…
Me too. I not dare to jump... >.<
Selina Wing said…
Yaya, I surprised to see the Marybrown burger, Starbucks Coffee, and many...
Aliza Sara said…
I find your image at the end super cute! ahaha. Glad you had fun at Sunway Lagoon :)
Ivy Kam said…
Didn't know about this great deal until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)