Musang King Durian Crab @ Fei Fei Crabs Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Crab, crab, crabs! My family and I used to eat crabs once three times or for my reunion family's celebration on every year only.  My mom, sisters and I are very crazy over all type of crabs as we want to try out! Explore the Fei Fei Crabs' deliciousness of seafood, like crabs, shrimp, fishes, oysters, lalas, and you will dig with your bare hands! In the Kepong's neighborhood, Fei Fei Crabs has been recognized as one of best crab restaurants, only can offer a very special limited edition "Musang Durian Crab" in Kuala Lumpur.

They are well-known by the neighboring of Kepong, and also received many customers from far places, eg. Puchong, Petaling Jaya, and Kuala Lumpur! Because they always bring the dishes are very unique with their own cooking style of crab.

Every weekend, this restaurant always get long queued people take the numbers to get the seats! Advised you better call to make your reservation first before you and your family come to Kepong. Or you and your colleagues can come during weekdays. I came to this restaurant in Kepong after work, there are not many customers so we have this chance to have their tasty of dishes!

The crabs XXL was very fresh, also bathed in the delicious durian, when I was eating it...I always lick my fingers so yummy! I am really love this sauce is very creamy with real durian of taste! I can dip the bun into the sauce so yummy! Well, they also mixed the meat of crab with sauce of durian are very sweet! Not very bad! According to Mr. Tan, the owner, crabs have cooling effect and durian is heaty, so this combination of hot and cold together, is the best. Remember, please do not drink alcohol together with this dish because alcohol and durian is a well known deadly combination.

Teochew Style Seafood Platter - RM288
I surisped to see  a very fresh seafood in the steam! There are some tiger prawns, oysters, scallops, clams, tofu and a big white pomfretin in Teochew style. I like the soup come out from this steam of seafood, I liked it!

Waxed Meat Rice with Crab and Dried Oyster - price is add RM40 on top of crab price
In the claypot, the rice is cooked with waxed meat and dried oyster.I really enjoyed to lick the crabs, but I have to break the piece by piece, in order to take out the meat from the shell so carefully because the rice also mixed with the shell of crab so difficult to spot it.

Stewed Seafood With Abalone - RM188
This is very best dish that I tasted so very delicious. I can see every small abalone is top on the tofu, with prwans, oyster clams, scallops and broccoli. It normally used for a big reunion family or for celebration of chinese new year only.

 Thai Style Pork Knuckle with Apple Salad - seasonal price
I shocked to see a big fried pork knuckle with special apple salad toppings! I glad that the meat pork is very soft, and easy to bite. You can dip this meat with best homemade Thai red and white sauce, then put in your mouth so yummy! so great!

When you order the crabs, how? There are three sizes of crabs available:

1. 2 crabs of size XL - RM88
2. 2 crabs of XXL - RM136
3. 2 crabs of XXXL - RM156.

For Pahang Musang King durian flavour, RM18 added for  top of the crab price. And when you ordered the durian flavour or other sauce of crab, you better to add the crispy fried chinese bun which costs RM5 per piece.

Take away just add RM3.  My mom advised you MUST try the fresh and sweet coconut water, just RM6 ( one coconut only), it help you feel cool after drink it!

Fei Fei Crab Restaurant ( Just beside Six Inches Cafe)
No. 7,Jalan Desa 2/7, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Call to make reservation +60 16-237 3794 and the opening hours:  11am–2:45pm, 5–11pm.

If you lazy go far to Kepong, you can look for a special "Musang Durian Crab" in Fei Fei Crabs restaurant in Petaling Jaya and Crab B restaurant in Puchong too! YOU MUST TRY IT!

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Sharon Lee said…
Oh my!! Durian Crab sounds interesting for me! I would love to try how the taste like as I am a Durian and Crab lover!