Home Style Kitchen Asam House, Bandar Puteri Puchong, Malaysia

Home Style Kitchen Asam House is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong, just near my home! My family and I always love to eat the Asam fish steam or spicy & fried seafood because my family born in Penang, and also are Hokkien-speaking, that is why we love the Nyonya home-cooked by my grandparent in Penang since I was kid! First time, my mom and I visited the newly renovated restaurant; Home Style Kitchen Asam House.

Home style Kitchen Asam House occupies two shop lots as they want a big space for many people who come to enjoy their Nyonya-Chinese cuisine. I feel awesome when I noticed that the murals are sketch-illustration hand drawn in black and white on the walls inside make me recall my sweet memories about a beautiful colonial building on the street, a oldest train, and rickshaw transport in the Penang when my family and I stayed there. Some diners who enjoyed to take a beautiful photos on the walls inside the Home Style Kitchen Asam House.

If you ask me which is my most favorite dish of Home Style Kitchen Asam restaurant, I love the Cheese Scallops, 8 pieces (RM 32), Chicken Tomato Ball, 8 pieces (RM15) and Chilli Pepper Octopus (RM 22)!

Chilli Pepper Octopus (RM 22). 

I felt that it mixed the salt and pepper the octopus with stir garlic, ginger, garlic and chilli sauce, they make fried octopus which are filled flour? For me it looks like fried pieces of calamari! It's most delicious dish which we ate! My mom and I wonder how a master chef to cook a perfection of Chilli Pepper Octopus so well! You MUST TRY this one!

Cheese Scallops, 8 pieces (RM32)

I love scallops baked with cheese and creamy mayonnaise because it is beautiful scallops served in their shells! The taste looks very gourmet so soft cream cheese! You will love Cheese Scallops, so delicious! Maybe it is expensive but you MUST TRY once.

Tomato Chicken Ball, 8 pieces (RM15)

You better try Tomato Chicken Ball with the reasonable price only, than other two dishes which I suggested because this dish  is very sweet-tasty so great! No bones inside. Normally, you eat the chicken meatballs with spaghetti, but it is really different because they follow the Nyonya-cooking style to make a very tasty of chicken ball with tomato sauce. They chopped chicken meat so good, until soft of thickness, just like minced pork turned into a Chinese Tomato Chicken Ball so well!

Pumpkin Octopus (RM22)

Wow, all fried octopus with thick of pumpkins, make more sweetness! My family and I love to eat the pumpkin soup, normally be orange. It is different yellow! It is very attractive...You can put a piece of pumpkin octopus on the vegetable, then eat it in your mouth so sweetly!

Cheese Prawns, 8 pcs (RM28) or 12 pcs (RM38)

Yummy! I like to lick the prawn with cream cheese! It is very good tasty! I think it be baked so very warm, and make it be soft more. So we can bite prawns so easy.

Garlic Prawns. Small 8 pcs (RM28), Big 8 pcs (RM38)

Assam Steamed Tilapia (RM22 - Small, RM28 - Big)

Fried Baby French Beans with Minced Meat (RM16 - Small, RM18 - Big)

Assam Octopus (RM16 - Small, RM23 - Big)

Garlic Crab (RM68 per kg)

First time, I eat the garlic crab...I feel this sauce are very sour! All crabs are spicy so okay. I surisped that my mom said the crab is coated with lime, garlic and green chilli and chilli padi!

*Updated: My family and I came to this restaurant on twice again. We tried different dishes; omelette egg, vegetables, butter octopus, and assam steamed fish, so our bill total around RM80 only. Be honest, we shocked to see too many people are crowed around the Home Style Kitchen Asam House restaurant, few customers are waiting at outside too, especially on every Saturday and Sunday! If you want to bring your family come to dine in, you better come early to reserve a table when your family are holidays. If weekdays, less customers only.

金门餐馆 Home Style Kitchen Asam House
No.20 (GF) Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong

Business Hour: 10am-10pm (Daily)
Contact No : 03-8051 7107

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