Hugos by Modestos @ Hotel Qliq Damansara, Malaysia

I really never expected that Hugos by Modestos located in the Hotel Qliq, which is very new in Empire Damansara, just next to Damansara Perdana. First time, my friends and I walked to the Hotel Qliq, then get to the second floor, just from the entrance of door. Hugos by Modestos is very modern restaurant, can bring you to enjoy the very best of local, and International cuisines...Not for food only, there are different events, like Salsa Nights, Quiz Nights, Model Nights and much more to make you, your friends and your family who enjoy to experience an awesome of feeling with Hugos by Modestos


At first, we walked into the Hugos by Modestos, and noticed the open air bar with the live of music performance stage that also welcome the visitors who enjoyed to watch the live band with their favourite of beer or wine, or they can chat-chit and eat snacks at pub sitting area at outside the restaurant.

Hugos by Modestos is very beautiful restaurant where creates a romantic dining atmosphere, make you feel like to experience a luxury dining experience, this is suitable of romantic night for couple and family who dine-in! There are getting a private or open sitting area in this restaurant.

My friends and I invited by Hugos by Modestos to celebrate the Bloggers' Day and attended the food review at same time. We like to be thankful to them because they are understanding about our disability, so they keep to serve us so very nicely. They started from their one of Western Starters is

Rucola E Insalata Di Pere E Balsamico Con Parmigiano (RM23) Rocket Salad with Balsamic and Parmesan Wafers

Rucola E Insalata Di Pere E Balsamico Con Parmigiano looks different to us because it is italian salad...Rocket salad also topped on the sliced of apples, make this taste looks like felt sour and sweet come to be together, included a mini tomatos and sunflowers seeds. But, the salad is not my favourite food, but it is really healthy!

Vietnamese Seafood Stuffed Spring Roll (RM22)

They give a very high recommended dish which are Vietnamese Seafood Stuffed spring roll served with Nuoc Chan Sauce. This is my favourite of Vietnamese food! I enjoyed to bite the fried roll, so not very dry.. It is very yummy when I put it with the special of spicy sauce! My friend, James who really love this spicy sauce! Don't worry, it is not very spicy...Just like sweet vegetable roll with spicy saune, so good!

Speciale Zuppa Del Giorno (RM18)

It is Chefs Special Soup of the Day! Hmm, it get a lot of french onions inside the soup, so I don't know what is recipe come from italy? The soft taufo also are nice, but it is salty a bit...

Cannelloni Al Funchi E Parmigiano Con Tartufo (RM32)

I thought that the pasta spagethii are normal but, they make a very special dish make me really want to eat again because this kind of pasta roll are very great! They used to baked pasta crepes mixed with the creamy Mushroom, filled with the parmesan cheese with mushroom sauce and truffle. You MUST TRY it! My friends and I love it so much.

Premier ½ Roasted Chicken (RM34)

Wow, it is very big 1/2 chicken so 2-3 persons who can share to eat! It also served with coleslaw, french fries and gravy. I tasted this chicken cooked so very well, with special sauce so nice!

Dragone (RM39)

My friends and I really shocked with a special Pizza; Dragone Shaped with Mozzarella, Turkey Ham, Eggs and Mushrooms. They told me that it is very high recommended so we can cut a half by half with a it is easy and soft! James imagined that it looks like a leg! So cool! The turkey ham, eggs and mushrooms also insid...when I cut it, the cheese mozzarella melt out so yummy! We enjoyed to bite a Dragone pizza with the tomato sauce! Nice! Next time, I will suggest to my family and friends if they want to come to Hugos by Modestos

Crepe Suzette (RM20)

Finally, they provided a sweet dessert, served Caramalized with a Tangerine Zest and Flambe. This dessert looks like crepe egg filled the ice cream with orange flavour... At outside, it is warm, then when in inside, so cold...then, my taste of mouth felt like sweet and sour...

We offered to get a special Hugos by Modestos' recipe Mojito (RM23). And each blogger get 1 FREE beer only! I get one beer, but I cannot finish all, so my friends help me to drink beer since I am driver! My friends and I enjoyed to laugh together while we joked each other in this evironment so very comfortable.

As I know, they have a live band on every Thursdays and gathering of salsa dancers on every Friday nights as every couple, and your friends & family can learn to do the salsa dancing during the salsa dancers guide you all if you love it!

Hugos By Modestos
Unit A-G-01, Ground Floor, Qliq Damansara,
Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8A,
Damansara Perdana, Malaysia 017-7992334


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