My Ninebot Mini Pro and Ninebot P Riding Experience @ Ninebot Malaysia

Nowadays, the techology always make our life become easy, right?  I heard from my friends about the people always buy the popular innovation transport riding; "self-balancing scooter hoverboard" on many times. My friends also want it too! Then, it make me want to experience a very latest Ninebot Mini Pro. I always feel that my Ninebot Mini Pro is very cool! Please watch my video below;

Now, Ninebot company want to introduce a very safety and strong self-balancing personal transporter that won't make you fall down so easily, and can lead you felt comfortable when you ride on the Ninebot. I like to experience what is the difference between Ninebot Mini Pro and Ninebot-P since I invited to join the Ninebot PTD (Personal Transporter Devise) riding experience. There are 3 different of type models are Ninebot Mini Pro, Ninebot P and Ninebot One. Let's me share with you all~

Ninebot Mini Pro (Price: RM3800)

Ninebot Mini Pro, a revolutionary hands-free personal transporter for the consumer market. It is their first product launch since the union of Ninebot and Segway. In Malaysia, Ninebot Mini Pro become a very popular and seen to be most reliable and easy to use hands-free electronic personal transporter device in the market technology.

I really excited, but sometimes, I be nervous because I worry that I will fall down if my body is not very stable? My trainer advised me to be calm down and just step on the Ninebot Mini Pro so fast only. I surprised that the amazing Ninebot Mini Pro keep my balanced body by using sensors to read my movements and high-performance processors with cutting edge algorithms to keep you upright allowing you to go where you want. When I want to make turn right/ left, just follow my legs only! It looks easy?

Thanks to Gyro, balancing technology, is sensitive and will detect any movement through the board, make you ride smoothly even with zero practical knowledge on balancing. If you scare or not balance your body, just hold the lower handler. It proves the safe of transport but also a great travel companion, relaxing and fun.

The Ninebot Mini Pro can cope easily with all normal road conditions, and will take you along 30km on a single charge at speeds up to 18km/h (11.2 mph). The weight is not very heavy, and easy to move so freely. You can charging the battery time about 4 hours only. It is very suitable for the teenagers and adults who love to play the outdoor or can go along the street! I really enjoyed to ride on it so much! I wish to ride on Ninebot Mini Pro in my office because my office is very bigger!

Ninebot-P (Price: RM13,800)

The Ninebot-P is the most versatile hand-held personal transporter device available in the market today, with it capable of being used both indoors and outdoors. They are extremely easy to use, and suitable even for beginners who have never used electronic personal transporter devices before. It can keep up to 20km/h, and charging time - 4 hours. It also have warranty for 12 months, include 6 months for battery.

The Ninebot-P is very suitable for all aged people and popularly used in shopping centers, resorts and any commercial application that requires personnel covering a large amount of area by foot. I used to see the security guards always used it when they check around Sunway Pyramid on their duty. It make them are cool! It can encourage the tourists to experience to ride it on first time if they are lazy to walk so very far. It can used at anytime, and bring you go anywhere as you like.

I really enjoyed to ride on the Ninebot-P on many times before the Ninebot Mini Pro. I felt that the old people and disabled, just like me and my mom just hold the handle only, then I move my hand / body that make this Ninebot-P start to move... if I can make the slow or fast-moving. I felt like to ride on the scooter! My mom really love it a lot! It is very easy-to-use!  I never worry about falling down because it just go forward only.

Ninebot One (RM3490)

The Ninebot One is revolutionizing personal transportation, just lean forward to go foward so very speedy. You can have your new ability when you always practice to ride on the Ninebot One! Because it can be speed along 18-22km/h, you can ride it in 30-40 km. It is very intelligent and safe to get a very strong gtro-balance, let you can travel so very free. I shocked that the build of the Ninebot One is solid. It’s also heavy, 14.2kg! It is very powerful than Ninebot Mini Pro! That is why you must practice to use it on every time.

But the main problem are the ninebot are not waterproof, and sometimes, need to charge the battery long time, depends if you always use Ninebot on everyday, when you will go to far place?

You can download free Ninebot App available from the Apple App Store/ Google Play. You can connect your smartphone with your Ninebot with the Ninedroid app via Bluetooth to:
Customize lighting colors and sounds, See the current speed, mileage, temperature, running time. And lock /unlock your Ninebot. It is very good for the people who check on her smartphone if they want to know how many km/hours they spend on this!

Curious? Let's visit the official website: for more details.

If you love electric self-balancing unicycles, you imagine that you just ride like walking around your home area, or discover the routine of your route to school or work as a short and pleasant journey where test your ability of pilots. And then, is always nice to surprise, right? Do you really want to TRY the Ninebot Experience-on-Play? They have the offers below;

Ninebot Tours
There are currently 2 official locations in which you can get on a Ninebot P for tours, Avani Sepang Goldcoast and Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson.

Both locations offer tours on a half-hourly or an hourly rate. Longer customised tours can also be arranged in advance. These tours are also ideal for team building activities and as a great outing for family/friend groups. Interested parties can contact Ninebot’s official toll free number 1800 817 363 should they be interested in organising such an activity for larger groups in advance.

Their demo session provides you to experience your great riding so exciting! I suggested that you better to try the Ninebot Mini Pro if you are beginner. Be brave! Be confident when using the Ninebot Malaysia, then you can be great rider!

For more information, please check on the Ninebot Malaysia Facebook.

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