Hong Kong Hot Pot Steamboat Bangsar

My sister and I like to try the Hong Kong Hot Pot Steamboat which are in the Telawi Square near the Bangsar Village shopping mall. This times are good for us because our weather always raining, make us felt cold in our home on last month. When we reached the Telawi Square, I noticed that the HK Hot Pot is located at Level 2, Telawi Square, just next to Piggy Tail Restaurant.

My sister and I saw this Chinese-Japanese style environment are very good mixed together. The space are not very bigger, but they also have the private seating areas. All just in the inside restaurant only, so they'r sorry for the smoking people because they don't have open seating area at outside. I love their interior design, eg the modern chairs and tables are mixed with the part of traditional Chinese decoration so very simple. They focused on the comfortable ambiance so great with ancient Chinese style decoration with the plants so nice.

There are 4 different types of soup for the Hong Kong Hot Pot Steamboat; Sakura Pork Bone Soup (RM 23), Imported HK Century Egg & Coriander (RM 25) , Szchuan Spicy (RM 25) and Pumpkin Soup Base (RM 25).

I am really like the Sakura Pork Bone Soup (RM23), are the HK Hot Pot's signature soup base are best seller, mostly chosen by everyone! And Szechuan Spicy Soup Base (RM25) looks great, make me feel hot and spicy so much! My sister and I love to eat spicy soup always.

I feel that HK Century Egg & Coriander Soup Base (RM25) are simple but there are get the chunks of century egges inside the soup. I prefer the Pumpkin Soup Base (RM25) are thick, so I smelled the pumpkin aroma...My family and I used to eat the pumpkin food on many times as my mom loved it so much!

Wow, we served the Special Seafood Set so bigger! You will get the Hong Kong Fried Fish Skin, Fresh Tiger Prawn, Korean Oyster, Local Bean Curd, Imported Hong Kong Bean Curd Roll, Fresh Handmade Prawn Meat Ball, Fresh Hand Made Squid Meat Ball, Fresh Hand Made Fish Meat Ball, Hong Kong Mushroom Pork Meat Ball, Hong Kong Crab Egg Meat Ball, Hand Made Chives Dumpling, Hand Made Prawn Dumpling, Needle mushroom,  Abalone Mushroom, Japanese Udon and Hong Kong Yee Mee Noodle, which can served up to 4 or 6 pax.

This is premium pork and beef slice meats, so very yummy! I love to eat pork slice meats so very much, when I pour this in the steamboat hot pot! We enjoyed to eat this meat so very great!

It make me shocked when my sister and I have to eat the liver raw! When the liver put in the soup hot pot, so it take some time to make you sure can eat it so cooked as well. But, my sister and I don't eat always as we not familiar with this raw!

They gave us the variety of sauces like Minced Garlic, Soy Sauce, Chili Padi, Slice Chives and Parsley. I really want the bean sweet/sour sauce, but they don't have it because this is origin of Chinese sauces. Finally we advised you and your friends come so early because it is difficult to look for a parking space in the Bangsar Village.

The Hong Kong Hot Pot is very suitable place for the family or group of best friends who shared the laughter conversations. The waiters are friendly when they served the fresh ingredients and refill tea pot so fast when the customers needed more. 

Hong Kong Hotpot 香港热鍋 , 
Bangsar Lot 9 & 10, Level 2,
Telawi Square Jalan Telawi 3, 
Bangsar Baru 
Tel: 03- 2280 0242 
Opening Hours: 4pm - 12am Daily.
(Reservations can be made upon booking before 1-2 days)
Or you can message to Hong Kong Hot Pot on the facebook

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