Skyrides Festivals Park, Putrajaya be 1st Biggest Tethered Balloon in Malaysia

Have you heard about the Skyrides Festivals Park, 1st Biggest Helium Balloon in Putrajaya? This is one of Putrajaya's attraction which they just launched on this year 2016. As you know, you always visit the Putrajaya Mosque, Seri Wawasan bridge and Menara Alaf Baru. Or you are cruising on Putrajaya Lake, and enjoyed to view the Putrajaya Botanical Garden or the China-Malaysia Friendship Garden. Well, Putrajaya always do a very interesting attraction which make the tourists who interested in the Hot Air Balloon! Every year, they hosted the International Hot Air Balloon Festival, so many Malaysians love to sit down and take a great view of sunrise with the Hot Air Balloon!

Now, Putrajaya make Skyrides Festivals Park become a very special event whihch are open to the public. That is what make them be first-time biggest helium balloon, it looks as big hot air balloon can fly from 150 metres up in the sky! Cool!

My good friends and I planned to visit the Putrajaya since the Skyrides Festivals Park invited me and Woan Koon, who is Deaf blogger on last month, so we love to check out if the hot air balloon is big or not. Sad, we are not lucky to ride when the weather are raining and windy...

We went to look for the launch event of Skyrides Festivals Park after we reached the Sky Park in Putrajaya. My friends who enjoyed to take more photos around the sky park, until we found out that a cute mascot Frog always act as 'cool' and just smile when he loves to play with the kids with their parent, that make us to take photo with him! 

Finally, I spotted a very big hot air balloon in front of us when we walked to the end of park only! My friends shocked when they saw a hot air balloon are flying up so slowly. We checked on the launch of event which have a stage performance and the kids who joined the SkyKids Warriors at the SkyStage. Don't worry, the SkyStage is free admission as you and your friends can join the music performance when you are free.

There is a stage performance which highlights music and dance performances with capacity up to1,000 people (standing) at one time. SkyStage is further supplemented by a 10’ x 5’ LED giant screen which serves to enhance the overall performance experience of the venue and at the same time can be used for any promotional video or movie shows. You can spend time with your family to watch the performances on every weekends!

There are new obstacle challenge named, "SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge". You may find this skywarrior challenge are similar as "American Ninja Warrior" game show in Astro AXN.

SkyWarriors Rainforest Challenge is a game to test your strength and endurance in a rainforest-inspired obstacle course, complete with pit, and hurdles. I think that this skywarrior also featuring 8 stages which the level is not very difficulty so it can be suitable for the beginners who take part in the challenges. If you failed, you will fall into the pool!

For the SkyWarrior adults and students, RM35 per person as you keep to try again if you failed in the skywarrior challenge, until you success to complete your challenge!

My friends and I missed the launch of SkyKids Warriors at SkyStage when we took the shelter SkyBatik because the raining. As I know that SkyKid Warrior is the Children's Zone at Skyrides Festivals Park that includes 15 obstacle challenge courses as the play areas for children between 4 and 10 years old. It help the kids become active at the sport as they experience new challenge to play in the natural playground, just for fun and pleasure! The price is RM20 per kid, as your kid passed through 15 obstacles once.

With the Skyride's biggest tethered helium balloon theme park, you to enjoy a panoramic 360-degree view as well as walk around the gondola to watch the mesmerizing aerial of Putrajaya from 150 metres up in the sky. You can get to capture the marvel of the Putrajaya city from your gondola which you ride! You better come around 4-6pm, maybe you will have a very beautiful night view from your Skyrides Festivals Park! For Skyrides Balloon, Adult MyKad holders are charged RM45 while children (below 12 years old) have to pay RM35. And Non-MyKad - Adults RM73 Kids (below 12 years old) RM65.

We enjoyed to explore the Skyrides Festivals Park and met a friendly boss lady who asked us to bring more Deaf friends to enjoy the different attractions in Putrajaya! For more info, please check out at Skyrides Festivals Park facebook:

Admission & Parking: FREE. Only the rides and games are chargeable. The Operation Hours: Daily 10am – 10pm and Fri-Sat 10am – 12am

Follow their updates: Twitter:@skyridesfestiv and Instagram: skyridesfestivals

You just type "Skyrides Festivals Park" in Waze only. Or you just follow the Putrajaya signboard when you are on the highway from Puchong, or Subang Jaya, so easily!

After this event, my friends and I enjoyed to walk around the Putrajaya Mosque, and want to capture my beautiful sunrise view around the sky! Next time, we come to Putrajaya again!

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cre8tone said…
Such a lovely festival with so many cool rides.. Bet everyone whom go will enjoy!
wow nice experienced being there. no go there before, glad to read here.
TheMizzEve said…
Looks like a fun filled event. Wished i was there! Missed out a great deal of activities.
Emily said…
I've been up there before and it was fun. However, I am not sure if I would go repeatedly. What about you?
Fatin Bella said…
What a great experience! Must try nihh
Miera Nadhirah said…
This looks like an amazing adventure.. I want to go for it too
nurmisnan said…
wow.. awesome festival ballons..
x pernah lagi pergi since festival ni dibuka last time.
love d last pictures.. so beautiful
Sunshine Kelly said…
Its so nice, the whole area is so vibrant and colorful.
Ivy Kam said…
Didn't know about this until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)
Rawlins GLAM said…
Beautiful pictures! I would love to try the Sky Warrior when I go there later this week.
Sin Yee said…
Remind me the hot air ballon festival. But this year I missed it already. =(