P1 reborn as Webe, new brand of crowdbacking community in Malaysia

What is Webe? It's the new brand name for Packet One Networks known as P1. They love to present the combination of the words; "we" and "be" that become "Webe", make you change to be great in your life. So, their motto is 'We is greater than Me'. First time, Webe like to be the 'crowdbacking' platform where we, people will vote via Webe app, that are available on iOS and Android.

With this app, you can pledge your support when you interested in one of few projects then, you put one of 50 'webits' on your favourite of project.  

How you get "Webits"? Once you signed up, then you get 50 webites free to spend on the projects which can make you like them so much or not... Don't worry, it's FREE to register as the user of "Webe" app only.

How the project can be successful if they reached their needs and goal of Webits? It is alike as Kickstarter, but it is different because you no need to give out your money. Just give more Webits on the projects which you access in your Webe app, it kind like "free coin online" on game. All you need to do is show your support. Until, they already be funded once, then it is unlocked!

If you are out of Webits? You can earn more webits by sharing the project on your social networks. You can try it out  yourself when you used your Webe app.

The projects listed include an app to track dengue outbreaks, a movie about how Malaysians would handle zombie outbreaks, and many. You can submit your idea when you wish to do your mission to help the poor, disability community or set up your own business if you want.

According to its CEO CC Puan, we listened, and people told us they want to make a difference, to create positive change, then together, we can make it happen!

My mom who replaced me to attend the Webe Community's event ogrnaised by P1 in Kuala Lumpur on last 13 April 2016 since I invited by P1 Networks. She listened about what is about Webe Community, which funded by TM because they really want to help the young generation who wish to set up their idea in Malaysia. Be honest, my mom disappointed because Webe don't plan to launch new Internet pospaid and prepaid on that day.

Well, we hope that Deaf and disability Malaysians maybe can try to take part in the Webe Community in order to help the disability's life get easier when they want to set up new idea so we can think out of box about how to change their lives. Try it out and see how if Webe Community can work with them first.

My mom are happy with her famous bloggers; Issac Tan and Marc!
Wish to make your dream become true?
Let's head to WEBE Community Malaysia:

"We’re building a community that’ll make the things you care about happen. We're gonna take you through a small tour of what we’re all about. Find out how you can make awesome stuff happen at" - Webe Community

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