Top 10 Gadgets Make You Be Sherlock Holmes Detective @ Lazada Malaysia

It is really good idea to challenging yourself with brain games, mental exercises and new activities keeps your mind running when you are free to play as detective! You can also use them to become smarter. And you can buy what gadget that you like when you become detective!

TOP 5 Games to help you improve your brain games. With this gaming, you will become fast-thinker and observe your friends or upgrade your skill of learning.

3DS Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes

The Legend of Zelda still be popular in our gaming world because it is suitable for the kids and adults who can play this game as it is very great story about the journey of Zelda. You can play as "Link" character and make team with your other characters to work cooperatively to solve puzzles and battle bosses in dungeons. Last time, I played my old Gameboy Advande Nintendo, Zelda - The Minish Cap - read my old post, which make me fell love with this so I enjoyed to explore more and seek tips or clues to solve the mission! You MUST try the 3DS Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes if you have 3DS Nintendo! You won't be boring. It also improve your problem-solving skill so you become better at completing the quests.

PS3 Heavy Rain Edition

PS3 Heavy Rain's story is the horror and mystery game make me shocked when I found out that I need to look for Mysterious Origami Killer so not easy! The player interacts with the game by performing actions and need to answer the questions which will lead to what story you will get..If not, you will lead to the worst of ending! You need to think more while you are looking for the clues which left in the crime and avoid a failed action. It is a very hit-success, and winning multiple Game of the Year awards and selling over three million copies around the world. Be honest, I think that this story is very good because it make you re-think emotional of action before you solve your problem or do wrong things. If you want to be Sherlock Holmes, why not try this game when you want to play your PS3? Cool!

Letters from Whitechapel Board Game by Deluxe Revised Edition

Whitechapel Board Game is very interesting detective game board make you attracted to play with your friends. Since I have CLUE detective game board, my family and I already like it so much because we can figure out about who is one of us be killer and look for who have the weapon which hide in different room! When you first-time to play the Whitechapel Boardgame, you or your friend will take a role of Jack the Ripper and ventures to outmaneuver one or more detectives. So, you will find the clues and catch Jack the Ripper by yourself if you be detective! It is very themed on the times around Victorian London. So, it is good strategic and brilliant game for you and your friend to play this game!


Whoowasit? AwardWinning Board Game Electronics

Whoowasit? Board Game is successful game which are popular in Germany and are winning few awards so the kids love it very much! The kids can work cooperatively to uncover clues and defeat the evil wizard! This game encourage the kids can learn the communication, reinforces memory when they are listening from the electronic music, and it also boost their team-building skills. It should be useful for your children to play this game board. You can buy it as the gift of Christmas for your kids!

Star Wars Chess Game

Star Wars Chess Game has chess pieces that look like Star Wars characters. The Black pieces are Imperial characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett. And Silver pieces are Rebel characters like R2-D2 and Han Solo. You can choose to join the Darth Vader on evil side or Hero on good side. You know, the detectives always use to play the chess when they are free? It can raise your IQ and help to execises both sides of the brain to more quickly respond what you feel and sharpen your eyes on the clues. It also improve your memory to remember how your opponent will act later. So, you can get to win with your memory skill.

This life skill may be the most important one on this list. How has gaming better equipped you for new ability?

And TOP 5 Electronic Gadgets that you'll need for yourself if you want to be smarter and can observe the environment around you in your home or at outside.

2016 Smart Watch Apro Q18 with Touch Screen And Camera

2016 Smart Watch Apro Q18 with Touch Screen And Camera is very cool gadget that can sync with your Android and iOS smartphone! It can have micro SIM mobile phone and memory micro SD. You can enjoy your social media such as facebook, and twitter. The features are the Call Function also can get the frequency conversation, Dial, hands-free, phone records, phone book, Bluetooth phone. SMS Local SMS: Text messaging on mobile phones Synchronous push by bluetooth ( for android mobile phone). Entertainment: MP3, MP4, AVI; bluetooth music playing; Phone calls reminding; Ring and vibration remind. Clock display: 3 ways show display clock, free switch; Click to switch.  Bidirectional: anti-lost, lost remind, Bidirectional search. Pedometer: Movement step record, calories calculation, movement mileage records. Sedentary remind: Sedentary remind. Sleep monitoring: Sleep monitoring. Taking Photos and Video Call.

XiaoMi Xiao Yi IP Camera HD Wifi CCTV

If you have the smartphone brand XiaoMi, you can have one at home or office. You can get to know the situation where you want to know by phone or tablet at anytime or anywhere. If not at home, you can use the two-way voice calls. You can also participate in distant family birthday parties, capture the happy moment. Or you can view the situation on your phone, whether doors or windows are closed. Once something unusual or dangerous, it immediately begins recording and timely alarm to notify you when you are not in. With this gadget, you can check if someone in your room or you make sure your home won't get the robbery again.

Acediscoball 1080P FHD Night Vision Car Dash In-car DVR Video Camera Cam

If you worry that you will affect by the accident while you are driving at night? You are smart detective to make proof that you won't be blamed by other driver on the road! This gadget also get high resolution; Full HD 1080P (1920*1080) and support HDMI output, it is HD night vision. Their Features are Parking monitoring functions: open paring mode, on its own in the shutdown state can also on the surrounding environment to identify automatically switch on video and save protected files automatically. Built-in G-Sensor, can record the gravity sending information and on the basis of the car up and down, left and right, front and rear offset to determine when reaches a certain value as the abnormal of driving and automatic lock on the current video protection. It is safe for you when you drive your car!

Pen HD SpyCam 32GB Hidden Camera (Black)

The Pen HD SpyCam become your spy-compassion when you bring it in your pocket or hold it when you want to write something! You can record the video or photo if someone give threat to you. It maybe can save you from the danger. It can have memory up to 32GB storage via micro SD TF card. It also have USB to make it easy to transfer to computer. It is built-in rechargable battery.

First time, you see a very small camera which have DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and have hardisk only 32GB only. You can take video camera as you like. The video format is avi and image jpeg only. The video resolution is 640 x 480. For example, if you be kidnapped or become snatch thief who almost kill you, you could use it to record their face. They don't notice it when you hide it in your pocket or you hold it. It is helpful for you?

It is great for you when you enjoy to be clever detective during your fun times! And you also can get the cool gadget if you concern your safely when you go anywhere. You sure never be boring when you can play one of them with your friends or family! Or you can do what you like by your own when you like to train your observation skill at anywhere, just like Sherlock Holmes who sit down and read the people around you!

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That's lovely, the gadgets are cool. The pen camera is awesome! I may buy one
Mermaid said…
Small mini Spy camera is my top list gadget. Love it so much!
5 Little Angels said…
The Legend of Zelda is my favourite game. I want to get it now since got promotion at Lazada.
Janice Yeap said…
the board games look interesting. keen to try out Letters from Whitechapel Board Game. :D
Miera Nadhirah said…
errrrmmmm... are we training to be a spy..... look forward to seeing secret agent 009 Selina in action soon.... heheheh
Aliza Sara said…
wow so many cool stuff! i feel like buying now T.T
FiSh said…
didnt know that lazada sells so many unique stuff like this...i wanna try out the spy camera too
Selina Wing said…
Hehe, we just play the detective games hehe. I wish to be spy agent! :P
Selina Wing said…
Me too! I love Zelda games so very much!
nice suggestions here. would check it out for my kids haha
Sunshine Kelly said…
There are lots of stuff to buy there, like your list also.
cindy said…
oooo seem like a many games option!!i wannt to get one too....
Ivy Kam said…
Interesting compilation, my niece will love these, thanks for sharing :)
Rawlins GLAM said…
I think I will get the pen spy cam and the game whoowasit. I know my friends will love the game!
Unknown said…
wow so many gadgets dont know which to choose from. But best bet is the mini spy camera.