Getex Malaysia Help You Earn Money via Shopping Online
 Nowadays, Malaysians love to shop online via the categories of deals such as in travel, fashion, food, gadgets sites, just like Zalora, Ensogo, Foodpanda, Lazada, Agoda, AirAsiaGo, etc since they into the e-commerce internet. They don't have to worry about the traffic jams, look for the shops to compare price, and waiting for discounts. You just sit at your desk in your office or home, and grab your coffee to shop via your as you enjoy to shop online only!

You can see how much the cashback which you get when you access their stores. That is why we never worry it because returns cashback every time you shop , through any Malaysian bank account consumer preferences, to get extra rewards. All thanks to Getex Malaysia, they help us to earn money back when we spend smart money, so it is very good for them to get some cash back from the shopping online. It's win-win situation for all shoppers and retailers.

Getex Malaysia also provided the partners' hot deals to let the customers who can check on the promotion which offered by their partners. And they can get the promo codes when they check on the coupon at Brainthis blog, you can learn the interesting tips and info which you can share with everyone!

Just 3 steps that you do only so easy! 

First, how I do? I just registered on the, then I can check on my account at, just like I get to know how much I earn money or about the pending cashback, etc.

Then, I go ahead to choose which is one of my favorite deal sites. For example, I click "Shop Now" on Lazada, then it will bring me redirect to Lazada website from You will know it when you access the when you try it, ya!

Don't forget to fill the Shopping Note form when you come to buy what you like. It is important!

Well, this is same action as I access Ensogo from I bought new HTC One M8 case, "3D Luxury Soft Slim Silicone Cute Case" at Ensogo. I still waiting for the issues when the Getex Malaysia will credit money into my account since they take the process in few days. It is easy only! You MUST try!

Soon, will have new app for Android and iOS, so you won't miss it ya!

as you like to get discounts, coupons, 
cashback reward from Getex Malaysia!

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Shiv B said…
Thanks to the share dear - I din't know about Getex Malaysia until I read it on the site. This has definitely been very helpful :)
Rawlins GLAM said…
Ahh. Another portal to help me save money to shop for more. Hehehe. Thanks for letting me know about Getex.
Fatin Bella said…
First time heard about this. Definitely Ill try using this :D
nurmisnan said…
wow.. never know about Getex Malaysia
This is cool..easy to shopping online as
ensogo lazada and etc.. thank you darling
5 Little Angels said…
New online website to earn money ? Truly a great one for me to save more.
Sunshine Kelly said…
Wow its my fisrt time encounter such website. I will check it out and thanks for the information.
Unknown said…
First time hear about this website. Will look into it later to save more $$$. :)
Syafiera Yamin said…
Yes I've got the cash back after spending in lazada. Around 30sen for Rm14 stuff. Wow. Pretty amazing right.. shopping and received money back.
Miera Nadhirah said…
woots time to download this and save some money... this money I can keep to go traveling or so something I want... yaaayyy
Emily said…
Thanks for this informative post. I have always loved cash back programmes. Shop as usual but at a cheaper price at the end of the day.
looks like a good app. I wanna try to to get cash back!
Arisa Chow said…
Been using this app too, thanks for spreading the word about it!
Ayue Idris said…
this is great. been using this app too and already get my cashback :)
Unknown said…
Wow! Another cash back website. Will check it out. :)