Diva Dash Kuala Lumpur, Woman Empowerment Charity Marathon Malaysia

DIVA DASH KUALA LUMPUR - Share The Fight & Run Like A Diva 1st Diva Dash Malaysia by Red Butterfly Solutions, who are the organizer also worked with the sponsors who to inspire the women to be strong and help to transform the lives of women when we support to promote the breast cancer awareness and end the violence against women and girls.

My good friends and I always join the marathon run on many times since we want to improve our running because the running bring a lot of benefit for your body! Let's come to join us to be brighter runner together to involve a very meaningful journey by raising money in the DivaDash Kuala Lumpur. We also like to spreading the messages among friends and family.

Why? This event is aimed at raising public awareness on issues of violence against women and women's rights in Malaysia. So I decided to race in support of this charity run. So this is how you can make a difference by join your charity race!

Whether you be victim or not, it's still important to talk about it. You still can share information with your friends and keep to fight and raise the breast cancer awareness highlighted among your own friends and family. You can run for DIVA, and have to enjoy your healthy lifestyle.  

The Pink T-shirt-  Category 12km For Diva Ladies

  The Light Pink T-shirt - Category 6km for Fun Run

We will wear PINK Diva Dash clothes, to represent the breast cancer awareness when we registered to run in the charity 12KM or 6KM marathon race.

The Black T-shirt that you can get if you are one of 100 top runner
 for 12KM Category will get this finisher tees like this photo below.

How about the male runners for Category 12KM? You can bring your husband or boyfriend to support you to complete your mission race in the Diva Dash Kuala Lumpur! Your guy will get this T-shirt below; 

And you will receive a very beautiful medal when you complete your race in Diva Dash KL!

Date: 3 September 2016 (Saturday)
Venue: Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur
Meeting Time: 6:00 AM
Men’s Open 12 KM and Women’s Open 12 KM's flag off at 7am. 
For Fun Run 6km, the runners flag off at 7.15am.

Now Promotion of Early Bird Fees offered for the Runners 
before 30 March 2016
For Categories Men and Women 12km, the price is RM55 only
For Category Fun Run 6km, just RM40 only.

Remember, the DIVA DASH KL registration opened until 1st July 201

We also encourage a lots of fantastic runners taking part in the Diva Dash Kuala Lumpur now because it is very meaning to the runners' miles by supporting the good cause to fight against domestic abuse, raise the breast cancer awareness and support the women's rights in Malaysia.

Limited to 5000 participants until 1st July 2016!
You encourage yourself and your friends who interested to join and support this charity! Hurry up! 

Register yourself NOW

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