[Movie Review] The 5th Wave @ GSC One Utama - KLIPS Malaysia

I don't know about The 5th Wave until I found out that this is coming from the sci-fi novel! My sister and I never read it because this novel is not popular in our country. Thank to KLIPS Malaysia for giving me and my sister to watch this movie since I won the contest KLIPS at

This main story focus on a 16-year-old girl named Cassie Sullivan who tries to survive in a world devastated by the waves of an alien invasion and the mankind back to the Stone Age, mean they have to live in the dark age without the power electricity and internet... If we live in this sitaution, we cannot contact with my family and friends via my smartphone! We cannot imagine it because our smartphones, TV, and internet used as our daily life, right? This movie make us imagine cause this is a big destruction and loss of life human...Everything suddnelly rip apart. Our family also broken...You  also face a large numbers of dead bodies in the disaster-affected earth. It make us feel our loss of loved family and friends...

We still don't know who are the alien as we never see the real alien in this movie. Funny. Why should be a handsome and cool guy who is an alien-spy agent who saves Cassie. You sure will like him! I feel that he is superhuman?? He can do everything to protect her from the alien invison army...

Hmm, I don't know how and why the kids and teenagers used as the doll soldier. Maybe, for the alien-agents government, it is easier for them to make them to follow their order so easy, than the adults?? That is why the adults must be killed on everytime. That is what make Cassie have to save her little brother by herself after their parent passed away. She is brave lady and never give up when she want to save her brother because he is very important to her life as she never lose him!

It will explore our thoughts that will make us wonder about what makes us human and how easily our humanity can be taken from us if we do our decision to believe which words are the truth or lies? It will show how easily it is to turn humans into distrustful, inhumane people. We have to accept or not when we get the love and trust from our important family and friends. A "hope" to get us to believe ourselves through difficult situations, that make us feel alive on everyday.

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