[Movie Review] Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 2 - FINAL

Credits by Liongate
Hmm, my sister and I missed the movies about Hunger Games episode 2 - 3 and Mockingjay Part One. We always clash time with our appt so, we cannot get time to watch this movie. We don't know who are characters in the movie...I remembered two main characters, Katniss and Peeta only.

I feel that the gov always create different game for the Katniss and her special team when they attacked the gov's main office? This is what the government enjoyed to watch it? The public sure very hate the gov if they used to play game with the public because many people live to suffer and have to sacrifice their own people for their government. Katniss have to solve the games once she will kill the President of Panem, Snow for the sake of Panem's future?

I don't know what happened between Peeta and Katniss? I don't know why Peeta treated as the enemy and suspect because I missed the previous movies. I can see them always confuse each other but, they sometimes honest and express their feeling so each other. Katniss's ex boyfriend are middle between them, but he knew and aware of Katniss' feeling. But, Katniss don't want to lose her important family and friends in her life. He advised her to face the reality to lose someone for their country's future...

It make me shocked to see the ugly monsters! What is it? This is experiment for the Hunger Games participants?? Who have to be killed or bitten, then they will become this?? I don't know. This is very scary part to make everyone don't want to see it!

I am sad when Katniss failed to capture Snow by her own, but her allies already come to attack the main government?? If the allies planned to attack the government so earlier, Katniss and her special team no need to be killed la. I feel that this ending are not good at all. Katniss have her choices to kill the President or not since she was Chosen Mockingjay. Finally, they live peacefully already... Hmm. this is no romantic between Peeta and Katniss but, Peeta never leave her side no matter Katniss go to anywhere...I think that Peeta is very kind and pure honest guy, but sometimes was laidback because he aware with what he can do his own best to save what he believes.... than Gale who is Katniss's ex boyfriend who is brave and also take the risks to sacrifice his own ally or enemies.

How about you? Will you choose Peeta or Gale, which are better guy for you when you are in this situation?

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