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I invited by HungryGoWhere and be thankful with my long-time friend, Yi Ling. She told me that the HungryGoWhere also launched new version, Hungrygowhere App at Copper, Modern European Dining @ Jalan Tun Sambathan, Kuala Lumpur on last Saturday. They also have the lucky games too! We curious, then we explored new feature on Hungrygowhere App until we figure out that we can reserve a table when we make booking online? Cool! It is very easy when we just click this once only. It just be free.

You can see what I do with my Hungrygowhere App. I just look for The Copper restaurant in the search of this app. You will read the Copper's info before you confirm to book your book.

After I book my table via Hungrygowhere App on my smartphone, we met the HungryGoWhere team and Malaysian bloggers came to join the party! First time, we walked in the Menara Shell which are near KL Sentral and NU Sentral Shopping Mall only. The Copper also located at 5th floor when we took a lift in this building. I never know about there are few restaurants are hidden in the Menara Shell building! They mentioned that their restaurant only open for the weekdays, but depends on closing time after office working hours on the weekdays. Every Saturday, this restaurant are available for the dinner time only.

The Copper restaurant is very good classic and modern of natural environment because there are very big space when we are inside this restaurant. I feel that everything is simple, and make us feel comfortable... They are given us the inspiration of European style-food.

Mayan Mocha (RM14)
First time, I get a spicy coffee, Mayan Mocha! It make me shocked when I drink it! My mom also okay with it. I think many older guys sure enjoyed this kind of coffee, wow. It is mexican-spicy mocha with the cayenne pepper (green), so make it is rich spices with the flavor of mocha.

Firefly Tonic, UK - Grapefruit & Passionfruit (RM17)
I really like this fruit juice drink with herbal extracts. It imported from London, UK. It's taste like 100% natural of juices. Less sugar, and get the original fruits mix with botanicals , so this is our first time to drink it!

L-R: Frozen Ocean and Tropical Heat (each RM14)
This is Special In-House Drinks Selection by The Copper only. They also used soda and 7up to mix with the juices, like orange, apple, and etc, also add the others; ginger, rose, crazy! But, for us, they are good at mixing the soda drinks so delicious. We like it already because we feel like to dance in Hawaii! 

First, they gave us the Hickory Smoked salmon (RM18.00) with roasted beetroot, anise yoghurt, marinated dark berries, lime gel and turmeric vinaigrette. First time I feel fresh smoked salmon! My mom don't like to smell the smoked salmon not cooked. But, I like this!

Pira Oven Mushroom (RM22.00)
Charcoal roasted porchini and assorted mushrooms, truffle oil, roasted cheese, onion puree, cracked egg and toast. First time, I eat the charcoal mushrooms with cracked egg soup so it is very best but, the toast is very hard to bite..Better pour this in the soup. It is okay.

Charcoal grilled Spring Chicken (RM30)
I like a very soft grilled chicken! I surprised that charcoal sauce also put on the chicken legs. And it served with the salad and soy sauce. I think that it less oil so they added a little of herbal so nice.

Seared Duck (RM40)
It need 20 mins to cook...Served medium with buttered peas, braised fennel and berry sauce. I like to eat a soft duck with sweet sauce, so great!

Charcoal grilled steak (RM59.00)
This is my best favorite, served medium Romero, sweet soy vinaigrette, roasted onion and polenta chips. Many people favored it! Two persons can sharing this dish so big.

Putanesca Pasta (RM36)
It also served the seafood, anchovies, tomato, olives and capers, especially a lot of prawns!

White Fish (RM39)
This is pan-scared with roasted eggplant, zucchini, vanilla potatoes and sauce bois boudran

Charcoal grilled lamb (RM60.00) 
Served with spiced yoghurt, arugula salad, housemade pickles and sweet and sour dressing. It looks as vanilla egg also leaked by the grilled lamb so beautiful.. The salad also added so attactive! 

Valrhona Chocolate Mousse (RM12)
Salted pineapple meringue, fluid orange gel and mint. It give a sweet and sour taste with chocolate...I feel this chocolate mix with orange juice? I like it!

Grilled Pineapple (RM15)
Coconut yoghurt cream, vanilla, earl grey tea granite

Panacotta (RM12)
with citrus, macerated berries and marigold petals

Creme Brulee (RM15)
flavoured with earl grey tea and corn flower blossoms. I surprised this size of creme brulee is big than normal one! We enjoyed to eat this dessert so much! This is highly recommended!

My mom and I enjoyed our dining so amazing, make us want to eat again again because their food are delicious so yummy! We also get to know who are bloggers who attended this party.

The HungryGoWhere staffs also demonstrate how to use our app, then we just search for the best places to eat, check the reviews then, try to do newest feature; reserving tables from the Malaysian restaurants in this app. It's confirmed after you click "Book Now" only!

Few bloggers get to win few goodie bags three goodie bags with cutomised HungryGoWhere macaron stuffed toys and easy-to-carry HungryGoWhere tissues. Finally, a grand lucky winner, Cindy who is blogger, very happy to win a Dolce Gusto coffee maker!

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COPPER - Modern European Restaurant (Pork-free)
Level 5, Menara Shell Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
Brickfields Kuala Lumpur
Opens Mondays to Saturdays, 11am to 10pm.
Closed on Sundays

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Leona Lim said…
all the dishes look amazing, i would love to try that mayan coffee to get shocked too
FiSh said…
I have yet to try any spicy coffee before! It sounds very cool there haha.
wow yummy food to eat and place to dine. Gonna check this place soon as Dec now, don't wait any longer should plan this soon.
Shiv B said…
The in house drinks look exquisite dear. The plating look fairly good ; should give the place a go the next time I am around the area :) Love the pictures btw.
Adeline Lee said…
Yummy foods! Looks tempting! Will pay a visit to this place next month! :P
Miera Nadhirah said…
yum yum, give me some of those mushrooms and pasta.... Looks so yummy....and nice ambience...
5 Little Angels said…
It is so easy to find delicious food nowadays. Useful Apps for me to explore.
Betty's Journey said…
wow so happening and the food look great.. Later i want download the app and book the place for Christmas dinner
Rawlins GLAM said…
Oh yes.
I love panna cotta and creme brulee! I hope the place is halal so that I could enjoy the good looking food.
Anonymous said…
what an interesting app... should be very helpful when i go foodtripping.
cindy said…
i love some of their dish not all mayb they have way too many order that day!
Isaac Tan said…
it does look very european-ish :)..

been eating too much food recently though,, phobia already.
Ivy Kam said…
This place seems comfy and warm, the Pira Oven Mushroom looks really appetizing, would like to try that out :)
Wilson Ng said…
the dishes look amazing and will try out this restaurant one day. thanks for the extensive info and review.
cre8tone said…
The way they present the food is awesome! Looks nice!
仙妮 said…
they served their food quite similar to fine dine style :) I have not heard & try spicy would like to try Mayan Mocha :) Cheers, siennylovesdrawing
Sunshine Kelly said…
I like the fusion food at Copper and also their cili padi coffee are so special.
Unknown said…
new restaurant into the food hunting list
Aliza Sara said…
Everything looks so yummy! i must go one day :D