Sleep In Nap Pod @ I'm So Sleepy, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

In early afternoon, my mom and I went to Uptown, Damansara Jaya to visit new first-time Asia for nap pod company named, "I'm So Sleepy" are located at the Jalan , Uptown, beside the HSBC bank and dal.komm Coffee. You once see the Hair Depot shop, then you will see the upstair door to 1st floor, found "I'm So Sleepy" nap pod shop there... because we cannot find the "Hair Depot" as we thought it is hair cut & saloon! It is just the hair care products store. You can see my photo above.

(CC Image Courtesy of  Svein Halvor Halvorsen on Flickr)

Everyday, you always tired or feel sleepy when you work in your office? Sick of this job? Stress? Need time to clear your mind?
Why not come to relax and take short nap during lunch time or after work? 

Once we wake up from our nap, we feel more alert, more energetic, happier, and better able to function our healthy body, then we can catch up our work or avoid the stress to be struck in the traffic jam or in many ways...  It can encourage us to take a nap as we can get enough sleep before we enjoy to spend time with family and kids. Right? If you tired and back home on everytime, you just sleep on your bed, that is why no enough time to play and chat-chit with family member.

We experienced our first time nap pod in a very simple and clean environment. There are the snacks, biscuits, and rice tea packets are prepared for the sleepers. Need water? They also have hot water dispenser too. Boring and cannot sleep? They also let you can borrow the books. Everything are free for you. 

Before you sleep, you need to pay money for your nap time. You can see the photo below about the prices for how much minutes or hours which you want to sleep..

You better to bring your own blanket if you want to save money or feel cold inside. Once you paid to them, you can see there are few pods there, you can choose one as you like...

When, I explored my nap pod, there is a small bulb if you need light. Once a small bulb installed, if you need to read book or don't like dark inside your nap pod, or when you just meditate to practice your zen mind... 

At end corner, you will see 4 last rooms for ladies who prefer more privacy. If anything you want to ask, you can ask the friendly staff who managed the shop. Concern about clean bedsheet and pillow? Don't worry, the bedsheets and pillows must change to new when every time, customer will check-out after their time is up. Their bed are very soft and comfortable when I was sleeping!

You want to do massage, so you need to pay RM10 for 30 minutes. My mom enjoyed it while she feel relax at same time, she just take her short nap...

We glad that the bathroom is very clean. And you just go to toilet or take bath after you take short nap. You can change your clothes before you go home or go meet your friend in Uptown so easy only. There are many restaurants and coffee cafes located in the Uptown. You can grab your lunch or dinner on your own or meet your friend.

They have strict rules for the custromers who wish to take nap time inside their shop. Need to respact the others, and do not disturb others. No knocking on the wall. One person one pod only. Silent your phone. No smoking. No pet is allowed. Drink or eating outside the pod. Golden Rule - Do to others as you would have them do to you.

They will not be responsible for any missing personal belongings. Just remind you so softly..that you need to be silent when you walk inside the pod so slowly. It won't disturb the people who is sleeping in other pod.

You are first-time to hear or try since your workplace is near Uptown? Then you try and pay RM2 for 30 mins only to take nap time for relax in "I'm So Sleepy" shop after your work or avoid your jam! You can come to this shop on anytime as you like, just remember before it close at 8pm, ya!

This is first time napping pod shop located in Uptown, Petaling Jaya Malaysia. If you interested in this, please call or can SMS for your reserveration, ya! See the details below;

I'm So Sleepy
No 69, Mezzanine, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47400, Petaling Jaya
(Located in Damansara Uptown area, at the block next to HSBC, above Hair Depot)
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