Printcious, Precious Gifts From Your Heart - Design & Gift Your Hearts to Your Loved One.

This is my sister' favorite Totoro, so cute. I will give it to her. 
You want to design on your own? Come to try
Printcious! also carry the tagline, "Precious Gifts From Your Heart". Why? They want you to be happy when you are creating any gift that is customized to your exact needs and desires is simple, thanks to Printcious brilliant and easy to use custom made online designer. That is what Printcious help you to create the most precious gift which you can give to your important person with your honest, joyful sharing and pure heart.

I get to know about changed to be Printcious since I was visited website in google search before. They also featured in the press media, such as Chinapress, Nanyang Shang Pao, Oriental Daily, Corporate Journey, Red Tomato, New Straits Times, The Star, Astro and others. They got good feedbacks, then it become known by the custromers in Malaysia. Now, they decided to rebrand to Printcious which is the combination of Printing & preCious in the begnining of year 2015. With Printcious website, you can personalise or showcase your idea design of T-Shirts, Mugs, Cushions and Ceramic Tiles. They will let you can do DIY gifts when when come to gift-giving, for example, you can design your idea on mug or put your memories photo on the T-shirt with your special message. Cool. Please visit their website at

Want to buy one of these categories from this website? Wow, I like the cute design of mugs and cushion! You choose to edit this cute mug from the list of templates which provided by Printcious, you can do it by yourself when you are using their template of design, so they allow you can use this photo editor online, like this photo below;

How about the design on the T-shirt? You can do it too! I always work on designing T-shirts and graphic on many times since I am freelance creative designer. Finally, I have a good chance to design this T-shirt when I tried on this Printcious website. I enjoyed to edit it so easy because it is easy to add, edit or change the title or photo only. You can register as the member if you want to create your own. You can click "Create" at top menu of website below;

You can choose T-shirt or Mug or Cushion or Ceramic Tile. Just try one. 

Choose your colour and size. Then, click on "Customise It".

Just add my image; "I love you" with Selina Wing logo in the T-shirt.

See the photo below; there are 9 color of T-shirt...I am happy when I saw my beautiful artwork on T-shirt when I choose my favourite colours! You can choose one pink or black or grey?

It is fun for you when you explore the Printcious , it also help you to think more idea as much. Or you just add your memories photos with the wishes on T-shirt or mug or cushion or ceramic tiles as you like. For example, I can create more as I like as this photos below;

I heard that they will add new, like the phone case or banners or more in the website soon! I also see a lot of interesting decoration and gifts which made by the Printcious designer. They also stock a raft of personalised gifts waiting for you to personalise with a name, a message or a photograph! Cool!

You will receive FREE delivery if you spend over RM75. How about make the payment? The two methods are using the banking online or transfer money to their bank via ATM. Then, they will reply to you for confirmation after they check your receipt which you emailed them. Check for more info at

Follow the Printcious facebook to get the special offers or the discounts which you never miss! You also can follow their twitter at and Instagram at for the latest products, news and giveaway.

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FiSh said…
oh the totoro is cute! :D can't wait to see the real outcome of the gifts!
Trislynnchan said…
now I'm thinking....should I order the mug or the t-shirt! LOL
Unknown said…
OMG! You are Totoro fans too? Same here! I'll buy it's collection through printcious then. ;)
GengQian said…
really nice, now i can custom made my Christmas gift. mwahahhaa.
Selina Wing said…
Yeah, I am. you can try to put Totoro design on your mug or T-shirt when you create your own :D
5 Little Angels said…
I had printed mine. Love the artwork and the quality of the t-shirts.
Anfield Yee said…
I think it would be a perfect christmas gift for my friends. Customize gift is always unique ^^
Michael Yip said…
It's nice to have personalized items printed but i think my friends is getting fed-up of me giving them shirts with my name printed on them. HAHAAHHA
Michhysaurous said…
Haha , what if I customized a shirt with my name on it and gave it to everyone for Christmas ? Haha
5ft Wanderess said…
MmmMmm...I love custom made stuff. Now I know where to go :D
Ellie Cleffairy said…
Nice design. Love it Selina.
Ellie Cleffairy said…
Nice design. Love it Selina.
There are a lot of wonderful gifts shared in this article. I like all of them and don't even know which one to pick.