Miu Miu loves Whiskas Mix Feeding!

Recently we have received a huge packets of Whiskas cat food! Whiskas is one of th eleading brand of cat food in Malaysia and they are available in the form of wet and dry food. Miu Miu used to have Whiskas wet food when she is just a baby and when she grew up, we fed her with dry food from another brand. 

What you feed your cat is extremely important to ensure its wellbeing. Cats require a high-fat, high-protein diet with certain nutrient that will bosse its health and development, giving you a contented and thriving kitty. According to Dr Susan Wan, veterinarian from Whiskas, she highly recommends mix-feeding our kitties wet and dry food to allow them the best of both worlds. 

Miu Miu was really excited when the Whiskas dry and wet food arrived to our house. She meows non-stop and keep sniffing on the dry food! The packaging can't even keep the awesome smell in! Miu Miu keep meowing and trying to tear the plastic package apart and eat the dry food! I have never seen Miu Miu so excited for her food before.

Hence we have to keep the dry food in the storeroom first before opening it. The carton of Whiskas Wet Food is left on the ironing board. This does not deter Miu Miu supreme sense of smell! She jumped up to the ironing board and demand us to open the carton for her!



Since mix feeding is good for cats, I tried mixing half a packet of Whiskas Wet Food and a small cup of Whiskas Dry food together. Miu Miu loves it very much! She meow meow non stop when I am preparing her food and eager to jump up the table to just snatch even a small bite from the bowl. I never see her so enthusiatic for food before!

Whenever I feed Miu Miu with Whiskas Mix Food, she will munch on it non stop regardless of many disturbance. She will diligently clean up the whole bowl of Mix Food! The food smell really good even I also can smell the fish taste while preparing Miu Miu's food. No wonder Miu Miu is so excited for Whiskas!

Mix feeding is considered to be the best way to feed the cat because Dry and Wet Food each contain different nutrients and by combining both will give our lovely cats the best of both world. For those that are interested in trying out mix feeding, here are some suggestion on how you can start incorporating wet food into your cat's diets:
  1. Feed your pet wet food at breakkfast and/or dinner. This way you can avoid leaving wet food out all day and your cat can join in on family meal time!
  2. Try alternating days or meals - feed Dry one day and Wet the next, or feed Dry one meal and Wet the next to give your cat variety.
  3. Try a variety of flavours and textures to find your cat's favourite.
  4. Mix dry kibble with wet food in one bowl for a delicious new texture or serve seperately side by side.
If you would like to learn more about mix feeeding, you can visit Pet Mix Feeding website and they also customize the mix food for your pets according to their lifestyle!

Yummy! Finger licking good!

For more informration on Whiskas, please visit the Facebook Page or Whiskas Malaysia website.

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