ITALGELato is Best Italian Ice Cream @ First World Hotel Genting, Genting Highlands

I had the chance to savor cool delicious beautifully crafted iced cream in Genting Highlands. ITALGELato ice cream is situated near the Lobby of First World Hotel Genting, the record hotel with world's most number of rooms.

Wow, there are so many lovely colors, shapes and flavours to choose from.

We were given the chance to try the various different flavours, from the courtesy of Genting Highlands Resort. The flavours are divided into five categories of Gelato, Sorbeto, Yogurt base, Stick Ice Cream and Minou Ice Cream (golf ball size).

My mother and I choose 7 different flavours as shown above. They are Gelato Cioccolato Fondente ( Dark Chocolate), Gelato Tiramisu, Gelato Coppel del Nonno (Grandfather cup) old recipe, Gelato Morbidella (Cookies flacor), Gelato Affogato Amarena (Mix Red Berries), Gelato Biscotto alla Cioccolato (Peanut and Chocolate) and Yogurt alla Lampone (Raspberry Yogurt).

 One stick is sold at RM9.50

Stick Ice cream comes in a few shapes  and I love the heart shape the most.

The Minou Ice cream is such a cute little ball which is easy to eat. I would highly recommend this coating with Pistachio flavor. Hmm...nice and crunchy like eating the actual pistachio nuts, yummy!

Minou Ice cream cost RM7.50 per golf ball.

For small cone with one flavor, it is RM10.00 for one flavour.

Chef Rodzee gave a detailed explanation and a demonstration of how gelato is made. Cream and milk is imported from Italy. I enquired about the difference between gelato and ice cream. He said there are three factors that is:
  1. Gelato has less fat content
  2. Gelato is denser, has less air content
  3. Gelato is 10 - 15% warmer than ice cream, so your mouth will be less numb and able to taste it better.
Cool! Get a gelato now!

Chef also gave a demonstration of how to decorate an ice cream stick.

I was given the chance to try coating the ice cream with strawberry glaze.

After that, it is putting on the marshmallows on top. I must quickly put it on the sticky coat before it dries up. So, Chef Rodzee helps me with it here. After this I have to drizzle chocolate on top.

Here is the video of it.

Success, I am in cloud nine! Yes, Genting is in the clouds. My beautifully decorated gelato. Chef gave me a thumbs up! Personally, I am very happy to be able to  do it. Than you Genting Resorts for this opportunity for my hands-on experience.

You can spot the ITALGELato ice cream at the lobby, First World Hotel or just find ITALGELato branches, are available in several locations around Resorts World Genting because it only be available in the Genting Highlands!

Next time, you MUST to eat ITALGELato Ice Cream when your family or friends with you go play in Genting, ya.


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FiSh said…
Oh i love ice cream especially at Genting! :) the cold sensation with chilly weather iz perfect match!
Emily said…
Looks totally yummylicious. I like your creation. It's so cute!
Miera Nadhirah said…
That is a pretty good creation... yours I mean.... heheh.. I like it....
Janice Yeap said…
Gelato looks good.. I want to try too. :D
Pamela Yeoh said…
gelato my favorite. looks nice
Mike Yip said…
Somehow I never quite latched on to the Gelato fad, I still prfer cheap ol ice cream.
Aliza Sara said…
Looks like a lot of fun! You can never go wrong with gelato
Ivy Kam said…
The ice cream really looks delicious, I want too :)
Leona Lim said…
thats a lot of gelato, so nice i hear italian gelato is seriously like the best ever right?
Sunshine Kelly said…
OMG having ice cream and gelato in Genting Highlands is one of the happy things to do. Love the raspberry flavour.
So nice! Definitely gonna try it out my next trip to Genting.
Isaac Tan said…
everybody loves ice cream. now you have me craving for some too. aiyo
cre8tone said…
Having ice cream in cooling weather of genting is really nice feeling! I wan to eat also!
Rawlins GLAM said…
With the current weather, gelato will help a lot!
Jessying said…
love ice cream! But Rm10 per flavour is really expensive. Wish to try it one day to see how it flares !
Bella Enveeus said…
Gelato!! I only eat ice cream for "pampering sessions" or when I'm feeling down. Wouldn't mind giving this a try when I go to Genting though