Movie Review: Sinister 2 @ TGV Sunway Pyramid

Last time, My sister and I got 2 premiere screening tickets for the Sinister in 2012 year, then I wrote my movie review, Sinister before. Read link here. I still remember that the Sinister's story about Ellison Oswalt, who is a true-story crime novelist who discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that plunge his family into a nightmare experience of supernatural horror. It make Ellison and his family meet their end life when they are murdered. You will know when you watch the Sinister, ya!

Now the Sinister 2 tells that an ex-deputy who come to track the family murder cases that involve a missing child, and he’s been following the trail of Bughuul who still preys on young children and their families, for the sake of his friend, Ellison and his family who murdered in Sinister, and get to know a single mother's twin brothers who still staying in old house beside a church which have a murder case before. My sister and I really don't want to come in the dark places! He brave to find out the clues in the church..Ahh, he still disturbed by a shadow Bughuul and his kids. It make us felt nightmare!

I surprised that the twin brothers can see  the dead children with their supernatural ability? I think that the small children can see something if they felt a strong aura around them. My friends also told me that they are small, and can see the blur orbs or someone walk through the wall or room. So scary! Every night, they talk to Dylan and make him to watch their dead children's films about families murdered by electrocution, beheaded by alligators, burned on crosses if he refuse to watch, then he will have his nightmare dream! That it make you felt disturbed by the different story created by the dead children about their murderous killing their own family with violence, bloody and disturbing images...

Ex-deputy meet a young professor to discuss something to track how and what they need to find out about where place which the Bughuul started to appear... You will know how Sinister and dead children also pick one of Mrs Courtney's children, and why Zach, one of twin brother who want to join them. It is difficult for Dylan's family avoided them! Dare to watch Sinister 2 if you want!

Thank you to TGV and Sunway Pyramid so very much! I was lucky to get 4 tickets so wow! Awesome! My sister and I enjoyed it so much! We are movie fans! You can read my movie review - link here.

Sinister 2 make my sister and I feel horror when I watched the kids' story are different. It's very sad when we see the kids killed their own parent by themselves! It is not good for the kids to watch this horror movie! The lessons from this movie that make us to give advise you must focus on your kids, in order to protect your kids from the supernatural things and abusive people. You need to talk with your kids as you must believe your own children. So, you won't say "No" to your children who want to tell you something!

Don't force yourself when you have no choices, you sure have many choices & ways to save your children. And you should NOT to step in the old place which be cursed before, for your sake of family. Remember NOT to take the things from the others. If not, your kid will kill you, under the control of cursed spirited or you will get your own incident when you never expect that it will happen to you! Scream!

Good luck to you when you brave, ya!

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