Nexus Clinic Malaysia - Sneak Preview Blogger Party @ Wisma UOA II Kuala Lumpur

Everyday, you always worry about your aging face or gaining more weight a lot? Or you worry and don't want to do the plastic surgeon to change your beauty, it is risk, right? Do not worry! Now, Nexus Clinic is the new aesthetic wing of Mediviron UOA! It is a top-notch aesthetic center which is sited in the heart of KL's Golden Triangle, providing a comprehensive range of non-surgical aesthetic procedures and advanced and safe laser treatments only!

My friend blogger, Rainfall also invited my sister, Jocelyn, Woan Koon and me to learn new thing with her because we are very curious when we are new to the beauty workshop..We still be beginner to learn about the aesthetic treatments!! My Deaf bloggers, Rainfall and Woan Koon sure questioned each other about how to do some treatments in the Nexus Clinic. We welcomed by the friendly and caring staffs, when we first time attend the bloggers' party, which they organized for their new opening of Nexus Clinic at the Wisma UOA II, Kuala Lumpur. We can explore around the Nexus Clinic and get know more info about their services. Dr. Jasmine and doctors surprised to see the Deaf bloggers come to visit her Nexus Clinic on first time!

We can see how and what are the services which the qualified and very experienced aesthetic doctors, also are physicans to provide the esthetic services for enhancing beauty, anti-aging, fat/ weight loss, healing of acne scar,  face rejuvenation, hair removal and others. They also give the tour to each group bloggers to visit each room in the Nexus Clinic. My sister always explain to me and friends about how to do the live-demo methods and got to know the benefits when the experienced doctors are doing the treatment on the patients!

First, the group bloggers are given the special cocktail full of vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants by the Easy123 Pro Health Drink stall. According to Dr. Jasmine and his staffs, Easy 123 Pro is a nutrient-rich dietary health drink, delivering a full spectrum of essential nutrients to restore health from our imbalanced diet and lifestyle. Easy123 Pro mean three-step formula — detox, restore and rejuvenate with the key ingredients in the product are kiwi, orange, strawberry, apple, green tea extract, red beet, soy protein, papaya enzyme, corn and oat fibre.

You can put any fruit mix with Easy123 Pro, detox drink in the blending machine, to make a good health drink! It can help us to be slim, balance our health system and get liver detoxification. My friends and I love the healthy drink - delicious taste and nutritious value!

Zetiq CoolSculpting, the latest and most effective advances in body contouring... It works by freezing and destroy the unwanted fat cell without any harm to the skin and it is a target area sculpting. A handsome doctor offered to be volunteer to do Zetiq CoolSculpting machine while Dr. Jasmine explained how to use this machine so very informative! 

Sucking the your fat and tones your body! No pain on the skin! If you regular exercise or healthy diet won't help you lose the fats, Zetiq CoolSculpting maybe can be an excellent way to achieve the toned body you want! Just sit and wait for one hour only! Easy, right?

After this, they give a BONUS playtime for the bloggers who can play to guess how many detox bottle inside a big bowl and answer the quiz questions. Oh my! My friend, Rainfall almost be correct but, she gave a wrong answer since we thought Rainfall is lucky gal! There are two lucky bloggers were surprised with a very special treatment of Injectable filler worth RM2,200 after they won the mini games!

Nevermind, we still got the "Treasure hunt" games, mean we have to look for 10 small gifts which are hidden at anywhere in the Nexus Clinic only! My group and I really are not good at finding the things as we are very slow! Haha. Congratulation to the lucky winners who found the gifts!

Dr Jasmine will pick the three lucky winners when the Lucky Draw game, as she will take one business card from the business cards' box. We never expected that my sister and I picked as the lucky winners?! Suddenly, our luck become great?! My Deaf bloggers shocked too! Thanks to god!  They also have a Best Dress Award for a lucky blogger who wore a very beautiful gold & yellow dress! My friends and I don't have gold or yellow clothes, so we don't get it.

The Best Dress Award Winner get the award prize; Medlite Laser and LED treatment worth RM1,000. And 3 lucky winners; me, my sister, and other blogger got the treatment of Shinning Peel and LED for skin rejuvenation, acne blackhead, white head and healing that worth RM600. My sister and always be thankful to our Lady luck!

Dr Jasmine also do the Medlite laser and led treatment on a lucky blogger during the event. This treatment help to improve the uneven skin tone and open pores on the face. Lucky her! No pain! Oh yeah! There are 2 lucky bloggers are doing the special treatment of Injectable filler worth RM2,200 so very expensive! They use only safe, branded and credible fillers, specifically, Juvederm's injectable derma fillers, also known as hyaluronic acid fillers...It can make quite a dramatic difference to your appearance, leaving you a fresher and younger look!

Do not worry! This treatment can provided by the experienced doctors only. It can make your face become beautiful. The bloggers are very calm down and don't feel anything on their nose?

Before we leave the clinic, we got the goody bag distribution worth RM350 which consists of 7 sachets of Easy123 Heath Drink and Nexus Clinic's very own Elixir Cleanser. We are really sorry and sad when we cannot join the buka puasa celebration with Nexus Clinic and bloggers! But, we really enjoyed our time with them to gain new experience and share with the doctors while we explore our beauty's journey!

Interested to know about what are we doing during the Nexus Clinic @ Blogger Party? Please check the photo gallery @ Nexus Clinic on Facebook - click link here.

You can check for more information about Nexus Clinic, please email at: When you visit there, you have to get free consultation with doctor first so you need to check on your health before you seek the treatments provided by Nexus Clinic.

Nexus Clinic - Beauty, Aesthetic & Wellness

LG 10, Wisma UOA II,
No 21 Jalan Pinang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8.30am - 6.00pm
Friday & Saturday: 8.30am -6.30pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: Closed

Facebook Page:
Telephone: 03-2163 5699

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