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Insurgent movie is the sequel to the famous Divergent movie released in 2014. Thanks to KLIPS, I managed to have a chance of watching this movie last week since the release in 19th March 2015. I have watched the Divergent in the past and it was a great movie and I have been anticipated in watching Insurgent since the release!

Insurgent is about the life of Beatrice Prior/Tris after she stopped Jeanine, the head of Erudite from taking over the Abnegation. Tris has been hiding in the Amity fraction with her friends when Jeanine is on the hunt to catch all the Divergents!

Besides that, Tris has been very hot tempered and emotional due to the fact that she believes that she is the cause of death of her parents and her close friends. As she trying to run away from Jeanine, she found out that her parents was killed trying to protect a box that contain the message from ther Founder.

Only a Divergent can open the box by passing all the tests of the fractions (Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, Abnegation and Candor). Because of this, Jeanine has forced many Divergents to death just to open the box.

The message from the box is shocking! Apparently this nation is an experiment created by the people outside their nation boundary! It was an experiment to brainwash them and separate them into fractions and to make them believe that they are the only one left in the world. What the founder hope to achieve from this experiment is to have a Divergent to save the world! This is an unexpected twist in the plot and I am looking forward in the next sequel on how the world outside their nation looks like in the next movie.

This movie taught me to forgive myself and learn to accept myself and my own flaws. What I like the most in the movie is when she learn to accept her inner feelings and the guilt she had for the death of her parents and close friends. I believe this is very important because every day we may make mistakes but it is important that we understand the mistakes that we did and learn to accept them.

I really like how Tris pass the test of all the fractions from the box! I think we should also learn to be like her and she really taught me to be strong and embrace myself own strengths and weaknesses.

Written by Jocelyn
I cannot go out with Jocelyn because I was very busy. How I get free tickets from KLIPS? Be honest, I did won the Pyshco, Japanese movie organised by KLIPS, but KLIPS cancelled it so they send free tickets to me. That is why Jocelyn grabbed her time to watch Insurgent movie in Mid Valley! - Selina
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