Experiencing P1 Online Media Associates (OMA) Nite 2015 #P1omanite @ The Co.KL Malaysia

I got invited by P1 Online Media Associates (OMA), organised by Packet One (P1) Networks to attend the bloggers' meeting P1 OMA Nite, which are located at The Co. Kuala Lumpur, just near the Asian Heritage Row! I also bring my sister as my sign language interpreter to attend too. My mom also registered as P1 OMA blogger, because my mom still be new blogger! My friend, Rainfall also attended the P1 OMA Nite on two times on last year. She joined us to experience and social with the hearing bloggers and P1 team so enjoyable!

We reached The Co. Kuala Lumpur so early, there are few bloggers already sit and rest to wait for their friends and bloggers too. My mom, sister and I got the purple P1 goodies bags; free notebooks, pens, and chocolates! P1 OMA organised the event; "Chill. Huddle. Reconnect with P1" because they want to re-connect with the bloggers, and get to know more about who are us. Wow, I like the colorful cushions on the floor!

They worked with myBurgerlabs, Bitter/Sweet, The Tapping Tapir and Brewmen, to give food service for the bloggers. I love to eat myBurgerlabs! I also like to drink the Soda Tapir, support the cause to protect an endangered animal, Tapir!

With my youngest sister, sign language interpreter

Enjoyed to eat dinner with new bloggers! (Photo credited #P1omanite)

Once we finished our dinner, P1 MC staff introduce himself to open the begining of P1 OMA Nite! He told us that a mini contest "welfie" with hashtag #p1omanite #p1oma to get 10 prizes! Mean 10 fastest winners if 4 persons take photo as "welfie", then send their photo to the Instagram in short time...WOW my youngest sister are fast! I am slow, compared to my sister. Haha. She was very happy to get lucky draw gift, same as last event she always won a lot than me, so she is lucky girl!

Welfie - Mom, Me, Rainfall, Brave Guy!

They are shining a very bright~SMILE!!

 Mr. Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Packet One Networks (P1) giving his speech

(Photo credited #P1omanite)

(Photo credited #P1omanite)

Each group of bloggers share to discuss the ideas about the win-win situation for P1 OMA, and how P1 OMA and bloggers help each other to reconnect with the clients together! My youngest sister explained one by one question, that P1 team and bloggers listened to her. She scared, but she was presenter in her university on many times, she try out!

(Photo credited #P1omanite)

Finally, My mom, sister and I enjoyed the P1 OMA Nite so very much! I also happy to meet my good friend, Rainfall again! We also chatted so much until the end!

However, Thursday, 30th April is unlucky day for my mom. Haha. My mom had a mini accident with the toilet glass door~ She hit her forehead on the glass door as it was very clear and see through! Because of that she did not realise that there is a door there and she walked straight into it! Oohh my!And hence a mini bump is formed on her forehear~ Haha! She also lost her digital camera as she put it into her goodie bag and unfortunately since all the goodlie bag looked the same, a hearing blogger mistook my mom's goodie bag after the event is finished. Luckily, thanks to the P1 team and the honest blogger, my mom managed to get back her digital camera the following day! What a day for my mom! 

Funny! (Photo credited #P1omanite)

We can see the P1 OMA make their engagement to build the relationship with the bloggers with their great service at P1 OMA Nite . With their support and cause, we can be friendly, trust and share the information so each other and help them to promote the P1 brands. Hope we can meet up @ P1 OMA event again! Thank you so very much to all!

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