Dominos Fan Appreciation Night 2015 @ Mount Kiara

Who doesn't love pizza? Domino's Pizza is best when in term of delivery speed and customer care! I like how they provide a GPS tracker where you can constantly monitor the progress of your pizza and be ready to receive them when the pizza reach the delivering stage. Domino's Pizza delivers their pizza in just 15 minutes and if they are late, they will give you a free pizza ticket to redeem for the next purchase! 

My family have been a loyal customer to Domino's Pizza and we are thrilled to be invited to the Domino's Pizza Fans Appreciation Night 2015 at Mount Kiara. Domino's Pizza host this exclusive Pizza Fans Party in appreciation of their loyal customers. We were late to the event because the jam builds up at every highways as it was a Friday night. Various types of pizzas and starter box awesome foursome have been served for all the pizza fans to feast on. 

Domino's Pizza Fans Appreciation Night 2015

Banana Kaya Dessert

 Starter Box Awesome Foursome

My mom and sister is enjoying the party where various pizzas are served

Of course, we wouldn't miss out the chance to take pictures with Domino's cut out boards! They have various types of cut out boards to choose from and we were spoiled for choice! The cut out boards are all related to the current ongoing promotions by Domino's and currently the best deal in town for Domino's Pizza is still the RM5 nett Domino's Personal Pizza for take away or dine-in!

 My sister and I are trying to take pictures with as many cut out boards as possible!

Besides that, all the fans get to participate in games that were organised by Domino's Pizza. There are various games available for the fans to play such as eating cookies from your face, folding the domino's pizza box, stacking coin tower and paper cups. All the game's participants will get a free pizza vouchers adn their can redeem it from the Domino's Pizza outlet for FREE! Music band are played in the background for the enjoyment of the pizza fans while they are savoring the pizzas.

The game participants trying to eat the cookie from their face without using hands

Music bands playing great songs for the enjoyment of the pizza fans

It was a great night with Domino's Pizza as we get to try out different types of pizza and side dishes during the party. I also participated in the "Fold the Domino's Pizza Box" game and won 3 vouchers of FREE LARGE PIZZA! My mom also played in the "Stack the Paper Cups" game and won a consolation prize of Free 1 Regular Pizza voucher

My sister loves to take picture witht the smiley balloons!

Mom and sister at the Domino's Pizza Fan Appreciation Night 2015

Domino's Pizza also pay homage to their top five pizzas, the Favorite 5 during the party. Domino's ensures that only the freshest and the best ingredients are used especially for the Favorite 5 which are Classified Chicken, Chicken Pepperoni, Beef Pepperoni, Aloha Chicken and Plain Cheese. The Favorite 5 will be available at a greater value as extra cheese topping is offered for FREE when ordering any of the five pizzas! As an added bonus, customers may opt to upgrade to the cheesy Extreme Edge crust at a discounted price of RM4.00 for a regular pizza upgrade and RM6.00 for a large pizza upgrade. What a great deal from Domino's!

Promotion deals

Through the ongoing #PaySameOrLess campaign, Domino's ensures that their customers will be paying the same, or even less even after the implementation of GST. To learn more about the #PaySameOrLess campaign, please read the previous blog post at

To learn more about Domino's Pizza Malaysia, Favourite 5 and the #PaySameOrLess Campaign, please visit . 

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