Avengers: Age Of Ultron @ E-Curve, Damansara Utama

My good friends and I invited by my best friend, Kimberly to watch the awesome movie, Avengers: Age Of Ultron! We, friends donated the money to Kimberly's company to support the charity. We got the cool Avengers: Age Of Ultron tickets! But, our cool tickets back to kim's company, so sad. We have simple tickets only...

My good friends and I love the action movies a lot! We also meet my Deaf friends in the hall too! Kim's colleague also bring her friends to join her and her husband to watch their favorite movie. As I know, this movie "Avenger" - Part 1 that I watched before, about how the Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow meet up and started to become strongest team to save the Earth from Loki. Now, "Avenger" - Part 2 bring three persons with new power but, finally one have to be sacrifice himself to save a kid, for the team "Avenger" so I like Quicksilver guy!

I am amazed with saying, WOW! when the ,atch of Hulk and Giant Ironman are crazy, they focus to fight each other in the city, so it make me confuse! It make many kids want a "BIG" Ironman!! The fans also attracted by a "Giant" Ironman so cool! That is why the Ironman is very famous than Spider-man, Thor, and other superheroes in MARVEL! I never expected that Ironman always prepared many different of type robot "Ironman" to protect the Earth. But, it's not good to create more robots, will cause the robots kill the human if Tony did mistakes or wrong decision!

I think that the villain "robot" are cool and designed so nice! I never expected that Black Widow and Hulk fell love each other when they attracted each other, no matter they busy to do the missions...? Hulk cannot stay with the human society, he need the space to be alone by himself, so he is very nice guy and really care who he loves in his life...

I don't know about the Vision born as new life exist as "Android", from the universal. I felt that "Android" looks as the icon "Android", are the kind of software for the smartphone? He, also have all knowledge of the world / universal of galaxy, and can be a highly skilled tactician and strategist in the Avengers...Maybe he become very strongest of "Avengers" one day, maybe just like Superman?

The Avengers keep to save the humans from the army robots, at same time, they need to protect each other because they focus to make sure that the humans who live in the 'floating' city won't be fall down since Avengers are alive! I don't know how many robots be created! Looks like many robots keep to come out from the bottom of 'floating' city.

Finally, most of the Avengers are becoming to retire as Hawkeye to spend time with his family, Stark want to focus on his life, maybe he look for his wife to start new family, Thor asked Vision to replace him because Thor want to go back to Asgard, his hometown and Hulk know that he can't be around people he loves in case he hurts them. Captain America and Widow stick around because they're both full-time superheroes with a new team to train for Avengers! I believe that "Avenger" - Part 3 will come out again in future soon ya! 

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