Lee Min Ho and Emily Chan @ 11street are finally here in NU Sentral, Malaysia!

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Many Malaysians sure very happy when Lee Min Ho was become the 11street Brand Ambassador, when he welcomed by 11street as the online marketplace,, as latest e-mall in Malaysia under a joint effort between SK Planet and Celcom Axiata that attended the Grand Launch of 11street @ NU Sentral Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur on last 24 April, 2015! My youngest sister and mom want go to see a famous actor, Lee Min Ho from South Korean on their first time since Since we watched his drama series on many times only. They amazed with the loyalty fans are crazy and screamed his name around the NU Sentral!!

(photo credit: 11streetmy facebook)

Lee Min Ho
, a well-known South Korean actor from the popular Korean series, "Boys Over Flowers" & "City Hunter" and Emily Chan, a local film actress, known for her role as "Mimi" in the film "Kaki Kitai". My Deaf friends are crazy about Lee Min Ho as main character of "City Hunter", that is why the Deaf girls always talked the gossip drama "City Hunter" as I used to listened from them since I never watch the "City Hunter" Korean action series, but I still liked "Boys Over Flowers" romantic series!

Massive turnout for the 11street Grand Launch Event!

According to the emcee, some of the hardcore fans of Lee Min Ho have been waiting of the entrance of the NU Sentral since 10am! And many more of his fans came much earlier than 5pm to wait for the arrival of Lee Min Ho! It make me shocked when my sister told me! I never expected that many than 2,000 people attended there, make the NU Sentral Mall are very full!

Emily Chan onstage introducing herself

It was raining that evening and unfortunately when I reach NU Sentral with my mom, the event has already started. Hence, I had to stand in the crowd and enjoy the event with all the spectators. Emily Chan was on stage and giving out lucky draw to 5 lucky winners when I arrived. One of the 11street ambassador, Emily Chan was such as sweet local celebrity actress and she even came down the stage to take selfies with the crowds! First time, my family and I heard about Emily Chan are local celebrity actress from Malaysia as we happy that she did her great job to become successful actress in Malaysia!

Lee Min Ho fans gather at the NU Sentral entrance waiting for his arrival!
 (photo credit: 11streetmy facebook)

When the emcee announced it is time for Lee Min Ho to come out, the fans cheered extremely HARD and LOUD! I think the screams can even be heard through the whole NU Sentral!

Lee Min Ho onstage speaking to the crowd and accompanied with his translator

Lee Min Ho and Emily Chan also exchange present they bought from 11street with each other. Lee Min Ho received a football from Emily Chan and he said he loves football very much! On the other hand, Emily Chan received a scarf from Lee Min Ho and it was a beautiful scarf!

Lee Min Ho with a football gift from Emily Chan!

Besides that, there are 5 lucky draw winners get to go on stage and up close with Lee Min Ho to receive their prizes! There are even 7 or 8 groups of Lee Min Ho fans get to get up close on stage with him to take a group photo with him! Wow, Lee Min Ho's fans are very lucky, great!
One of the fan groups taking photo with Lee Min Ho

The event continued with the presentation of token of appreciation from the 11street's chief executive officer in Malaysia, Ho Seok Kim to the brand ambassadors, Lee Min Ho and Emily Chan. The crowd are very excited with Lee Min Ho and every time he spoke, the crowd will be be screaming and cherring for him!

11street CEO, Ho Seok Kim with the brand ambassadors, Lee Min Ho and Emily Chan
(photo credit: 11streetmy facebook)

Finally, the event ended with a group selfie of the Emily Chan and Lee Min Ho with the crowd! Even though the event ended, the crowd still waiting near the backstage area hopping to catch a glimpse of their idol before heading back.

11street is the Malaysia’s latest one stop online shopping mall that connects customers to variety of quality products at competitive prices, in a trustworthy and secure environment for buyers and sellers. Uncover endless selections and shocking deals from Fashion, Electronics, Home & Living, Sports & Leisure, Health & Beauty, Kids & Baby, Grocery and Services & Books including deal offerings like E-vouchers.

11street is an open marketplace operated by Celcom Planet Sdn. Bhd. – a joint venture between two established names Celcom Axiata Bhd. and SK Planet Ltd. Celcom Axiata is Malaysia's premier and most experienced mobile telecommunications group and SK Planet owns Korea’s best e-commerce site,, a reliable and revolutionary e-commerce platform.

Established in Korea since 2008, 11street is one of the top global e-commerce marketplace with strong presence in Turkey - n11, and Indonesia - Elevenia, with over 300,000 sellers serving over 22 million consumers worldwide. conjunction with 11street grand launch, they have free giveaways of 2 facial mask and crazy 50% and 99% coupons for all members! If join now, we can get RM11 credit which can be used for purchase in 11street website. Additional RM11 credit can also be redeem if you download the 11street app!

I have visited the 11street website and what I love the most from it is the Shocking Deals! The Shocking Deals will have a time limit and it will sell the things at a price of RM11 which is very cheap! They also have various discounts and promotions ongoing in their website and most of it is at a very affordable range! I would definitely like to try and shop in 11street and see how the whole process appeals to me!

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Stories by Jocelyn, Edited by Selina

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