FREE 50 GB from MEGA Cloud Storage!

My Deaf friend, tech guy told us to get free 50 GBs of storage, wow it really get alot of spaces for the photos, videos, and everything can store in! You need to register your account with your email-address. For me, MEGA looks similar as Dropbox after I tested it. Be honest, I still use my Dropbox, Drive and OneDrive cloud storage until now.

I am not sure if MEGA cloud storage can be trusted or not, because Kim Dotcom and his Mega co-founders are also the bosses behind a famous sharing site, MegaUpload, which was shut down by U.S. cyber crimes. They were charged with criminal copyright offenses, among other charges, and are currently facing extradition from New Zealand to the United States. I mean, if I put some photos in this cloud storage, I don't know if the cloud storage will be shut down again in future, more difficult. I just wait and see how if the MEGA can be safe so well. 

To learn more about MEGA cloud storage, it  have more features will let you sync files between all your devices, share files and folders, collaborate on files, restore previous file versions, access files from mobile apps. About the security, MEGA promotes itself as “The Privacy Company,” so it’s no surprise it beats Dropbox’s security.

MEGA uses end-to-end encryption, which means your data is encrypted and decrypted only on the client-side. Since MEGA doesn’t know the encryption keys, they can’t view your files even if they wanted to. This type of encryption protects you from hackers, the NSA, and anyone else who might otherwise have access to your files.

Cons: They don't have referral system to invite friends to join as gain free space.  

As I know that Dropbox is most web’s favorite cloud storage service with over 200 million users because it is very clean interface (UI) and easy to share file with your friends, also synced with Carousel and Mailbox, make our life become more easier! I still like Dropbox, also sync with my tablet, and computer from my smartphone, so I no need to worry if I lost my files and photos! I am not sure if MEGA, Cloud Storage can beat Dropbox one day?

You need more storage for your cloud life, yeah! then go to the link -

MEGA on Android
MEGA on Apple iTunes

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You not sure what is the "cloud storage"? You can see the example photo above. You have your cloud storage account to keep in or can share everything via different mobile devices, computers, and laptops at anywhere, anytime.  

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