Become Deaf Runner for RHB Half Marathon 2015 @ Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur #RHBHalfMarathon

My best friend, Kimberly and I joined RHB Half Marathon on last 8 February, 2015, Sunday. We are first-time Deaf runner who experience the RHB Half Marathon for 10km and 21km. Before this, we used to join different marathon events for 2014; Milo Marathon, Standard Chartered Bank Marathon, and many! Kimberly always encourage me to run along 3km, 5km and 7km on every marathon... Until, I tried to complete route 10km with her on my first-time in Standard Chartered Bank Marathon. There are three catogories; 21 km, 10km and 3km in RHB Half Marathon. Kimberly brave to take part in 21km. Then, secondly I try 10km for RHB Half Marathon again!

First time, I run alone for 10km RHB Half Marathon which located at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Early morning, I wake up so earlier before I drive my own car to reach the Bukit Jalil at 5am. She will promise to meet me after we completed our mission each other. I saw many booths at the Stadium Bukit Jalil, and enjoyed to pose with Mr RHB Man, who is sweet with me! He is funny guy!

I never expected that my colleague from Marketing dept, KDU University College, who spotted me there! She can remember me so well! She joined me to run together. I still run so slowly... Wow!! I admired her to run so faster then she complete this marathon so easily!

I always push myself to run so patience. I can see many buildings and houses along Bukit Jalil, IMU University building, Taman Oversea Union and Bandar Sri Petaling. I saw many runners come from different age and background who joined this marathon so wow! That is why the car park zone A, B and C are nearly full at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil!

Yahoo! I completed my track time 31.126.30 with 10km, and grabbed my medal, free bag, bottle water, breads, banana and two vouchers! First time, I ate "yam" ice cream which I redeemed my voucher at RHB booth. I never eat ice cream since I joined any marathon! I waited for Kimberly, luckily, she came to complete her track time, (I forget) because I worried that Kimberly will be weak during she joined 21km so long route! We happy to meet each other, then we explored RHB booths with my colleague. Please see RHB's photo gallery at

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