Minamotonoya Cafe @ Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

First time, I eat Mizu Shingen Mochi (Water Mochi) - RM 6.90 so delicious! I cannot eat it..hmm because it is very cute dessert!! I surprised that it is water mochi - jelly on a plate of 'teddy bear' design, so it is transparent grass jelly only! It also have a topping of brown sugar and caramel sauce and added some roasted soya bean powder. You sure want to try it too! (^_^)

Minamotonoya Cafe, Glass City, Sri Petaling
I am grateful to Tommy because I invited by Tommy, Sharingiscaringmy blogger for a food review about Minamotonoya Cafe. Luckily, he reminded me and my mom again before this food review day! I asked my sister to guide me to Sri Petaling because she always familiar with this area which have alot of food restaurant and the night market also are famous too, so it is suitable for the food hunters!  My family and I always come to Sri Petaling on many times if there are family's celebration party because it near Bukit Jalil.

Minamotonoya Cafe is located at Glass City Seri Petaling, opposite to the Islam Bank. According to my sister who interpreting for me, this cafe still be new and opened on last 2 months ago. For me, it's a Japanese coffee cafe mix with the japanese & western-style to serve the main courses, coffee, and dessert only. It also give the space of desks and dining tables for the group of youngsters or office workers while they can chat-chit, suft internet and work on their projects! It have free WiFi, but I felt that this connection is slow...

Minamotonoya Cafe's team did the creative menu and WiFi place holder with their own idea so cute design! This menu don't have more choices, but the chef give the best recommended of dishes, which are most delicious only! My sister and I really love the place holder design - have different cute animals!

Latte Coffee
Green Tea
A waiter give a variety of coffees and tea, so we tried the coffee latte, green tea, and chocolate! Wow, they tried to make a art of making espresso on the different coffee and tea! So cool! But, we are not happy with the waiters who serve the drink because the waiters always forget about making the coffee and tea, make us waited so long! They need more training to be prepare because there will be many customers come, especially the older people not be patient so much as they need to drink more coffee! We are happy with the dishes delivered to the customers so faster, compare to the drinking services. We hope that the young waiters tried to keep up so speedy, good luck ya!

Bacon Egg Sandwiches (RM10.90)
First, we got the Bacon Egg Sandwiches. I really like the ciabatta bread are made in-house, with bacon meat, green lettuce and mayo. also added fried egg too! It's taste good. If you are on diet, can order a 'quick-bite' bacon egg sandwiches!

Lastly, we are waiting for the best desserts, so we want to try new dessert which we never seen it! No wonder, many people really want the tofu cheese cake!! It is very popular dessert in Minamotonoya Cafe. I think that the tofu-making are not easy? According to chef, this dessert mix the soft tofu with soya and cheese (less), that is why the tofu cheese so very smooth and tasted like real tofu!

Wow, there are cute dessert, Water Mochi is an interesting jelly dessert! First time, I eat the transparent jelly served with brown sugar and caramel sauce and some roasted soya beans powder, so it is sweet and cute dessert!

After I posted in my instagram, and facebook page, I surprised by my Deaf friends who interested in this cafe! They want to try it! Wow!

Minamotonoya Cafe
C3, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Glass city, Bandar baru seri Petaling
57000, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 016-6212730
Working Hours: 11am - 10pm


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Tommy Tong said…
Thank you for attending the review.
See you next time :)
So nice. I miss it. Hope to go to try it when I am in KL
Selina Wing said…
Sure! We will meet again. :D I also like your photos so very beautiful at your facebook page, Sharing is Caring MY!
Selina Wing said…
OK, mom! I will bring mom go to Sri Petaling when we are free ya!