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I am very happy to see many old games are back! I thought no more MS-DOS tittle games. My sister and I played MS-DOS Retro games via old computer which my dad bought on his first time! My first game are "Prince of Persia" which I played on my first time, before the SEGA console. I remembered that I fail to complete then, I asked my eldest sister to teach me but, funny my sister failed too! She said, "Its' difficult!"

Credited by MS-DOS, Wikipekia
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The old games looks as the pixel bits only. My favorite DOS games are Prince of Persia, Street Fighter, Ski or Die, Aladdin, Donkey Kong, 3D Bombers, and Pac-Man only. But, my sister and I cannot complete sometimes! Maybe we are very young, easy to give up already. Now, I have chance to play the Prince of Persia, but it is not easy to complete in one hour time only! It is clever trick to make the players always play it again on many times, make this game become popular already!

I think that no one success to complete this game? How? It make me have to restart it on many times as I tried...I always fell in the traps so mostly, sometimes fall down...unlucky. Pity, a princess still are waiting for a prince who rescue her...

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