First time Wash & Dry Clothes @ Bubble Laundrette, Bandar Kinrara 5A

Morning earlier, my mom and I went to the Bubble Laundrette, Self-Service (24hours) which located at Bandar Kinrara 5A. We try to wash and dry our clothes with used their service. When you back from your trip, normally you have to wash all clothes by yourself and have to send the thick of jackets to the laundry shop, right? Every time the laundry shop always charge you a very expensive fees because they did everything like wash, dry and iron clothes so easier! Why you not try to experience the Bubble Laundrette, self-service for 24 hours? Better try it!

Bubble Laundrette is coin operated and self-service Laundromat to operate a totally self-service wash and dry laundry with no attendants. It always be available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Funny, my mom and sister don't notice about the washing machines already have FREE detergent, softener and sanitizer! No need to bring your own washing powder from home!  All of washing machines equipped to automatically inject liquid soap, softener and disinfectant!

First, we put our clothes in the washing machine... And we must read the instruction before we started it. My mom pressed a button "Warm" because there are all used the wash, rinse, and spin with three waters; hot or warm or cold. Then we want to change money, RM10 into the coins at kiosk, check the price lists below;


 After we inserted RM 10 into this kiosk, the coins fell down and we collected it. We put coins in the washing machine, then we pressed "Start" so easily! We just wait for 25 minutes only! You can read the newspaper or read the novel or playing games on your ipad! If you are thirsty, buy the cans from the drinking machines.

Once the time are up already, we took our wet clothes from the washing machine. We put it in the dryer machines, then we chose "Low temp" to make the clothes be warm hot! We inserted the coins (RM 4) for 25 minutes only. Easy!

Again, we waited for another 25 minutes...until everything are okay! I enjoyed to touch our clothes are very hot, clean and smell so very good! We are satisfied with the Bubble Laundrette service! Thumb up! Next time, we just back from oversea trip, we sure will put our thick clothes and jackets inside the washing machine @ Bubble Laundrette! Don't worry about the iron our clothes, we can do it by ourselves at home! Save time and money! No need to wait for a week or 2 weeks from the laundry shop!

I feel that this service are suitable for the single professionals, executives and couples are busy worker because this revolutionary laundry concept is imported from the United States Technology. This unique concept is mainly to reduce chores of every family and to solve the modern people’s laundry problems, especially for those busy workers and couples.

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