I'm Aware...Are You? Breast Cancer Awareness on October Month

Living Social Malaysia has partnered with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) to raise funds to promote the Breast Cancer Awareness for this month, October only! Just RM 10 to donate only, so we can support the Malaysian ladies to fight the cause of disease breast cancer in their life.

Since I was teenager, I just know about this awareness because my aunt also have disease of breast cancer before, lucky she found it so early. She was active with the activities of health when she was alive until she passed away. I always remember my late aunt as she take care of me and my sisters everyday in Penang since my parent went for the work in Kuala Lumpur.

Why? 1 in every 20 women in Malaysia has the risk of getting breast cancer in their life time, according to Malaysian National Cancer Registry 2005. Every woman, regardless of their age should keep abreast of the current situation by receiving public education and early detection training for breast related health issues. What better way to recognize the willpower of breast cancer patients and to create awareness to all walks of life than celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October? In honour of this very special month, get your pink ribbon on and be aware of the lumps and bumps that comes with the breast cancer. Support the fighters and be a guardian angel to every woman by donating RM10 to help fight the cause of breast cancer. Your donation, be it big or small can help the cause!

It's only RM 10 and very easy! Go donate to their website below;

MyDeal Sdn Bhd:

Your donation of RM10 will be channelled to the BCWA-Malaysia. To find out more about BCWA Malaysia:

Please donate it before 10 November 2014 if you wish!

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