Wine Tasting & Appreciation Night by Wine Talk Malaysia @ La Bodega, Bangsar

Thank you to David Stephan, cool French Sommelier!

My friend and I got an invitation from Wine Talk Malaysia to attend a Wine Talk & Appreciation Night which held at La Bodega, Bangsar, so we attended the Wine Talk event on our first time! We really enjoyed to learn more about the special wines and some tips of drinking from a very experienced French Sommelier, David Stephan!

When I reached the La Bodega, Bangsar, at 7.30pm, I amazed with the gathering blogger's place which is very beautiful!  There are five wine glasses, which prepared for each one! I surprised when I met my Deaf friend, Rainfall who is blogger there so, I was very happy to see her again! My friend, James and I also greeted by Celeste, and Karthika so very warmly! James become my interpreter for me and Rainfall. We really love to learn many tips from David during Wine Talk event, then we discovered the different wine with delicious food - it are very enjoyable!

The wines are personally selected by David Stephan, which suitable and match with each food which delivered by the chef of La Bodega. I really love my pick of favorite, Yellow wine - Tucumen Sauvignon Blanc Wine from Mendoza, Argentina! My friend, James loves the Red wine, called "Château Fontarèche Corbières ‘Tradition’ Rosé – Languedoc, France" at same time.

No. 1 - Tucumen Sauvignon Blanc Wine from Mendoza, Argentina!

Tucumen Sauvignon Blanc Wine (RM72)
is a very light yellow, it is very good match for the Pulpo a la Gallega, especially I really love the fresh octopuses which imported from Spain! Wow! My friends and I enjoyed to eat more octopuses, with potatoes so very delicious, without worry that we dislike the octopus! Because it is very special octopus from Spain!

Pulpo a la Gallega (RM75)
No.2 - Monte da Peceguina ‘Branco’ from Alentejo, Portugal

Monte da Pecequina Branco Wine (RM 90) with Gambas Al Ajilo (RM38)

When we drink the "Branco" Wine (RM90), we can enjoy it with roasted prawns, rich fished or grilled white meats as David suggested! Wow, Gambas Al Ajilo (RM38) is a dish of tiger prawns, lusciously sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chilli. I tasted a very strong garlic flavour, make prawns with olive oil so very fresh! He teaches us about how to taste wine at same time too!

DAVID’s TOP of TIPS to appreciate and taste wine like a PRO:
  1. Hold the wine glass by the stem
  2. Swirl the wine in your glass, be careful not to spill.
  3. Sniff the wine.
  4. Look at the color of the wine.
  5. Sip the wine.
  6. Take note of the aftertaste.  
  7. Swirl, sniff then sip again
  8. Be familiar with basic wine terms. Research abit.
No.3 - Château Fontarèche Corbières ‘Tradition’ Rosé – Languedoc, France
Château Fontarèche Corbières ‘Tradition’ Rosé  (RM70)
and Albondigas "Saint Climent" RM20 (small), RM30 (large)

This is a classic Southern France Rosé, made mostly from a very old local varietal, the Picquepoul Noir. Light grenadine pink in colour, expressive, vibrantly fresh nose with notes of wild strawberries and fruit drops. On the palate, fine balance between the fruitiness, fatness and acidity.  But, there are the people called it "Red wine" because they saw the color of wine!

We interested to learn the history about their discovery on the country's wine by their own! My friend and I love to eat the meatball so very delicious! It is very strong brown sauce, also easy to bite a meatball so soft! It is suitable for Château Fontarèche Corbières ‘Tradition’ Rosé wine!

No.4 - Lion’s Lair Shiraz – Swartland, South Africa
Lion’s Lair Shiraz – RM55 and   Arroz Negro con Calamares y Allioli RM35 (1 pax), RM68 (2 pax)
We served with the tiger prawns on the black rice! First time, I eat black rice in my life! I felt like soft rice with mayo! Arroz Negro con Calamares y Allioli RM35 (1 pax), RM68 (2 pax) is a traditional Catalan dish made with squid ink and fresh quids. The Arroz Negro, meaning black rice. It is very wonderful tastes of seafood, enhanced with a generous dollop of garlic mayonnaise or allioli.

After this, David asked bloggers and me, try to swirl, sniff and sip again on anytime as we try it! Tip: Swirl, sniff then sip again. This will allow you to rediscover the aromas and the taste for another time.

No. 5 Pago De Cirsus ‘Vendimia Seleccionada’ – Navarra, Spain

About the ‘Vendimia Seleccionada’ (Selected Harvest) is made from a spread of their best low-yielding parcels, fermented partly in large oak casks and aged for 12 months in oak barrels.  It showcases an abundance of red fruits like plum aromas and ripe black berries, typical of Tempranillo, blended with scents of cocoa. The wood is fully integrated. This wine is fruity and long, with rich but smooth tannins. I noticed it is very dark red wine! I don't like to drink it but, my friends love it so much! Cus it is very strong smell! It is match with the food pairing; Roasted lamb, cheese platter.

How to be Wine pro? Be familiar with basic wine terms. Looking and sounding like a pro need a bit of research. Some people might talk to you about nose, legs, fermentation, vintage, corked wine, acidity and other terms. Take a few minutes to read about some wine terms before you attend a gathering where wine will be served. If you’re armed with some wine knowledge, you’ll relate to what people are talking about and maybe even add some comments that make you look and sound like a pro!

    If you really want to learn more about wines, it is best to keep trying more. Wine Talk has a special service where wine lovers or enthusiasts can discover more wines that will be personally handpicked by David. Come to join the Wine Club, which is FREE membership fee when you sign-up!

    When you are member, you will receive 6 or 12 bottles of wines every month or 2. It’s a convenient way to enjoy wines. You don’t need to worry about what wines to buy because David, the sommelier, will choose them for you based on your preference. Isn’t this amazing? And another great thing from Wine Talk is their GUARANTEED PRICE and GUARANTEED SATISFACTION. If you’re not happy with the wine you received, they will change it for you. Cool!

    (L-R) James, Selina, Rainfall, Henry

    We enjoyed to chat-chit and sharing about how we experienced to drink the wine during the event! I always be thankful to James because he always help to interpret for me on many times! I want to bring my family to try the La Bodega restaurant because they have the specialty spanish cuisine food!

    Thank you so very much, David, Celeste, and Karthika. We are very comfortable with the Wine Talk! They gave me the gifts; Sauvignon Blanc Wine, and La Bodega's vouchers! Good job! I am very happy to get my own certificate's wine tasting on my first time!

    Wine Talk Malaysia
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    Phileo Damansara II,
    Jalan 16/11 - Off Jalan Damansara
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