Awesome Japanese Samurai Skill Freestyles Football in Brazil!

Tomorrow is 12 June as the World Cup 2014 will start soon! We, Asian who always support Japan and South Korea's team soccer! We hope that they get be in the final! It is very challenging for Asian players who face with a very strong and professional team soccer who are famous, such as Brazil, France, and Germany!

For this year's World Cup, Japanese noodle company Nissin sent their Samurai warrior, Kotaro Tokuda to Brazil to show off some awesome freestyle football at the streets. He can do his ability; soccer tricks to inspire everyone in Brazil in his samurai gear. Cool! Tokuda is a freestyle football champ and apparently pulled off these moves without the help of CGI or wire trickery! Visit the Nissin noodle's website at

How and when Kotaro Tokuda started to learn the freestyle football? You can see Kotaro in action during the 2013 world championship. Watch his story in video below;

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