Movie Review: Oculus @ TGV Sunway Pyramid, KLIPS Malaysia

The "Oculus" is haunting horror to make it messes with your head! First, my close friend, Rainfall and I finally got to watch "Oculus" horror movie on last month as we managed to get our time to be free since I won free tickets, thanks to KLIPS Malaysia! How I get two free tickets? Please read my info ya!

In the present, a brother and sister, Tim and Kaylie, have reunited after Kaylie's brother, Tim who went out from his psychotherapy hospital after years of therapy, but she is obsessed with acquiring and recording a particular mirror that they encountered in a childhood home, a mirror which may be haunted, and can drive people insane. So, Kaylie believed that the mirror "Oculus", make her family be messy and killed each other under their influence of dark horror!

In their death of family, Kaylie announces that she and her brother must return to the childhood home and "kill it", as they believe the supernatural presence that remains in the mirror, it always be protected by the dark ghosts! It also have the ability to  make the “false memories ” theory of human psychology in their memories life.  That is why they are kids to believed to have a history of mental illness in the family. But, they really don't have the illness, their memories just created by the mirror, "Oculus"!

Each part also have their past and future mixed together in their childhood's home, make me confused so, I don't know which is the part be true in the memory of story! My good friend managed to understand about what Kaylie are trying to tell her brother, Tim about the theory of "Oculus" supernatural power! But, sometimes the scary part make me don't like the idea, especially, Kaylie ate an apple mistaken as a mentol, but it is not true! So crazy!

Hmm, I felt the ending is not good, so it don't make me excited when I watch this story. I prefer the detective-style with horror story. I just give 2 stars for the "Oculus" only. My close friend are good at observing their "memory" with weird behaviour than me! Haha.


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sweetrainfall said…
Yes Selina. I did the same. It is really cool winning the free movie tickets. Social media is ON all the time! You guys should follow Selina's instruction on how to win tickets on KLIPS!