Movie Review: Frozen @ Disney

My best friend told me that my family and I better to watch the Disney movie, Frozen because it delivery a very positive message for you and your sibling to make family's relationship become strong! This story is about a kingdom haunted by a prophecy which has caused sisters Princess Anna and Queen Elsa to become estranged. After a stressful event, Elsa unleashes her icy magic which traps the land in a permanent winter. Anna who meet new partner, Kristoff, whom she goes on a journey to find Elsa and break the spell so summer can return for her country.

Frozen is an enjoyable movie with full heart and amazing songs! I surprised when Elsa sings about "Let it go!" since she is lonely and scared, but she loves Anna so much. She just needs to learn, with the help of her sister, to accept herself and her powers. I like her because she always think of the others first before herself! She also accept everyone when she learned everything through Anna who always support her eldest sister a lot!

Beautiful her white castle made by her ice magic! When your thought become real when you used your ice magic! We see the magic "Frozen" bring the fantastical structures built on ice's magic gift for freezing itself into see-through art landscapes are beautiful!

Anna can only be saved by love’s “true kiss” But Anna offer her sacrifice life for her eldest sister to protect when she throws herself in front of a swordsman about to strike Elsa. Finally, Elsa get to know how to do magic to bring the summer back to the kingdom since Anna acted out of "true love" for Elsa! If you should love everyone around you, so you have to accept everyone who love or hate you!

It’s extremely well done in that respect. The facial expressions' characters are good as the Disney does a great job introducing humor for both kids and adults through these characters.

I felt that the strong female characters who never be afraid of adventure and are more than willing to save their kingdoms without the help of a prince. Why wait for someone to rescue you, when you can rescue yourself right? There are also some fantastic morals in this story such as:
  • Sometimes people make bad choices when they are upset, but love can fix anything. One of the characters says something to this effect when discussing why Elsa let her powers get out of control when she was feeling scared.
  • You should always be yourself. Don’t be afraid to share who you really are with people.
  • Don’t be afraid of your own power.
  • Love is about being there for each other.

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